Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Final read

Started the final read through for Savage Lands. Then by the middle of the week, if not the end, I will send to Jeanie for her first thoughts on it.

I finished writing Discovery and Deception, which I’m honestly quite happy about. Not just finishing a story, but finishing that one. The previous post explains why.

I also finally decided on using DISCORD as a place to gather people who’d like to chat with me, and a few other author friends personally. Also as a place to grow a community since, I think I mentioned on that previous post about this, I didn’t wanna worry over anyone having posts removed just because on reddit. So if you’re interested in that, there’s only a couple of us right now, but you’re welcome to join. This isn’t just “authors only,” either. This is anyone who’d like to join in my community, and also if you’d like your own feed, lemme know. I can set one up.

Here’s my little spiel I made. You’re welcome to share it too. This community is by invite only.

Do you prefer a cozy community, versus wild and crazy? A place to relax and enjoy good conversation, get to know people, and share your authentic self? Have you struggled to fit your quirkiness into other groups?

Join Kim Iverson’s Home for Wayward Weirdos on Discord –

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