Debating on group

So I’ve been debating back and forth on something. I’d love other opinions whether you’re a writer yourself, or a reader of my work. You don’t have to be either to gimme a thought. I’ll over explain so it hopefully makes more sense and gives more information to help me with your thoughts.

Some may remember that I’d gotten opinions before on where to build a place to chat about my writing outside of FB. A more group oriented deal. I was back and forth with reddit and Discord specifically.

Well, with the way that reddit removes posts that are “low worth,” I thought maybe that wouldn’t be the best place. Recently I saw a post removed because they asked if people judged movies by IMDB reviews – mostly curiosity I think – and it was deemed “low worth,” so reddit removed it. I would not want to create a place where people risked their posts removed because of low value to reddit overall. So at this point I’m heavily leaning toward Discord. It’d give ME the control.

What I was thinking was to create a server and allow anyone who wanted to follow my posts and interact with me outside of FB especially, (mostly related to my random writing chit chat) to come on in. A literal place to chat, you can share funny memes, but the center point would be me with my writing chatter. I was going to create it for my small group that I gather to actually help me with my writing. Not as a “beta reader” group, but for more. I realized I could just create a separate and private channel for just those few within that server too for that purpose.

The main chat room/channel would act like a FB group, but I don’t want to do FB specific anymore because of how many of us risk bans and the like. Even group moderators are now getting in trouble for posts made by group members.

I also was looking at Discord because it has the option for voice chat and video, which I may like to do eventually.

I would like to know what you think. Would that be of interest to you? Especially if you’re interested in my writing and chatter I do with it. And no, it won’t be a Discord community where you gotta pay. It’ll be an invite only private group chat though.

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