Savage Lands sorceress series

Already thinking on next writing project

Also because as I outline the Sorceress series, I feel why it meant such a big deal to me so thinking I want to pursue it. A part of me might also really just want to dive into another large world. I mean there are five books in the world that I wrote back in the day. I have a lot of places, characters, and beings/animals that I came up with. Demons, animals, realms, cities.

As I outline the story I am going back and forth in my notes to make sure I chronicle the characters and even add new thoughts to them as well. Because for the 3rd book in particular, I wrote that ten years ago. So a lot of my ideas have changed for character inspiration.

I have also noticed that in terms of writing first POV, as of the 3rd book, I’m much better. The details and setting are taking center stage a bit more, not the “I walked,” type of overkill I began the writing with in 2009 or so? I wanna say around there or just before was when I first began to write the Sorceress series.

Don’t have covers for the books. I did start to create some, but they were lost in the USB drive that died on me. I took pictures of the two I did get done, and saved them in my new SD card folders and backed them up on OneDrive, but I highly doubt I’ll use them anymore. Might inspire me to create new ones with that idea, but eh. Probably just make a new cover. I’m particular now about branding (you can see my new icons on this site, socials, and headers everywhere) so I have to come up with something that I can use across all the book covers for that world. I have a site for it that I can draw inspiration from, but we shall see.

I’m halfway through with inputting changes from my paper manuscript in Savage Lands to the digital version.

And yes, yes, I still have the next Story Creation post to do. I started the post, haven’t finished it. I think I’ll work on the cover too soon. Again, not that I am going to write that particular story, but show how I sometimes make a cover to inspire me and all.

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