Savage Lands

Freaky scene from Savage Lands

Bad scene. Baaaadddd. Hurtling through open window is icky. Shivers. I have a fear of heights, and thinking about falling out of an open window is one of those things always in my mind. Excerpt from Savage Lands as I edit.

Dorn stretched his arm out. He slipped on the edge of the floor as it opened into nothing. The dust under the soles of his shoes turned the floor to ice. He grunted as his fingers closed around the hem of Sawyer’s jeans near his ankle.

Dorn had no floor to grab, no walls, no safety net and he too went through the window. From across the street came the helpless cries of the two women watching in horror, unable to offer help.

Kenley dove across the dust covered floor, reaching for Dorn’s shoes. Something. Miller launched the injured Turk out of the way. Then grabbed hold of the metal along the right side, dropping and reaching for Dorn too.

Kenley’s fingers curled into the jeans at Dorn’s left ankle at the same time Miller grabbed his right. Kenley’s fingers tightened into a fist on Dorn’s jeans. Her left hand scraped across the floor and the metal that held the bottom of the pane sliced into her palm, tearing it open as the full weight of Dorn and her brother began to pull her downward. Miller grunted as their momentum and weight carried him forward. He braced his foot against the ground, but Kenley fought to find a place to lock in. For an instant they were all weightless. Her breath caught.

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