Going to be working on Property of the Pack

I forgot to mention this last week in my newsletter, but I’m going to be working on Property of the Pack this week. Since it’s not a main part of the story world for the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe, and it’s more of a companion story to show a bit more of the development between Devin and Bianca, I’m not making a big fuss.

Also because this one is a bit more “erotica,” and how it sounds – property of the pack. Showing the pack taking interest in Bianca, and just that night pretty much.

When I first went to read this, I expected a bit more “orgy,” and detail, and less story. I was pleasantly surprised that I followed my normal route. I do detail the sexual moments, more so between Devin and Bianca, but it’s not the entire pack. I just don’t enjoy going too much into detail with stories. DMDU is probably the only world in which I detail even as much as I do. I prefer story. Romance is in my books, but again. Story. I care about the depth of the story, the characters, their issues, overcoming them, and not as much “detail,” about what happens behind the bedroom door.

I tend to take issue with people who auto lump me into “romance” writer because I’m a female writer, or similar. They then presume the work is strictly “he kissed her,” “she kissed him,” and it makes me wanna roll my eyes. I mean I get it. Seems like whenever I turn around, that’s all I see too. But many of those then judge me when I actually publish a horror story. “Sweet Kim,” published a horror? Mhm. I grew up with horror, love it.

I’ve even seen some who automatically will never touch a book that is self-published and even saw someone once say it was easy to spot – they don’t have a publisher. What a naïve comment. Many self-publishers make their own publishing name so there will be a publisher’s name in that spot. Or the small publishing house who prints them is nothing more than a person who makes a name and publishes books for others. They’re missing out on some great books. Some maybe not so great, but that’s always been the same with writing. Some aren’t good, some are. Period. Not genre based, not author based, just story and writing.

Those small publishing houses sometimes are worse quality than friends of mine who do it purely by themselves. Many traditional writers are moving to self-publish too. So if Stephen King self-published, that person would never read him? Okay. I’ve also seen traditional writers (yes, major publishing houses) who I notice SO many editing errors that I’m wondering who edited the book. Even one I’m reading right now. The amount of errors in the grammar that isn’t intentional is a little annoying at times. (I’ve made clear these blogs are low quality with that though. It’s just me, and I don’t spend all my time editing these. Write thoughts, publish, move on.)

I’ll presume those books needed to hit the deadline so didn’t get thoroughly edited. Saw one woman who worked with a major publishing house I won’t name, who even stated that she was late to the deadline so they were still gonna print the book despite it not being done in edits. I have never sacrificed a book like that. I edit multiple times before hitting publish. I know many judge those of us who get books out fast, and are self-publishing, but we’ve just learned HOW to do so without sacrificing the actual edits. Also, I have no social life so there’s that. I don’t spend time on social networks, go party, go run off to vacations, I work. And I work. Because I need to get as many out as I can. This is my only income. I am limited to things I can do for work, and this one works so yes, I spend most of my days working right now. It allows me to speed up my process. No quality sacrificed.

Just wish people would think for themselves, check the previews, not auto presume.

Sorry, went off on a tangent that the idea spurred – as usual.

Anyway, what spurred this story was when Mila meets Verrick’s pack in the kitchen for the first time. There was something about that scene that just held me, so I wanted to pursue it. I wanted to see what I could do with it, how I could enjoy them a bit more.

So it was really the author wanting to fantasize a little more, and do it for those who liked Kat and her boys, and maybe wanted a “werewolf” one. That’s why I have made clear on multiple occasions, you do not need to read this to know the story. The story is just that – deepening the connection we see between Devin and Bianca, and it’s really only a few sentences that do that.

So if ze erotica aspect isn’t for you? Don’t waste your time, don’t worry that you will miss anything. If you enjoy it, and want to delve a bit more into detail, more so an orgy type fantasy with the pack? This will be of interest for you. It’s not long, either. Before editing it’s about 15K words. As soon as I’m done with this one, I’ll be working on Savage Lands as scheduled. And when Property hits store shelves, that will be the absolute last in this world. Well, that I’ve written and have to publish. Plenty of play to come.

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And if you like this content and/or would like to support me in my goal to keep publishing a book every 3 months, consider a small gift. Even a dollar helps me more than I can say, and I truly appreciate it.

Buy Me a Coffee at

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