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I completely forgot to mention my follow the creation series in the last blog. Yes, I am fully aware I haven’t posted the next in that. Don’t even have it written up. I usually rarely have prewritten posts done. I do things as I have time, I forget a lot, and life gets in the way. Life got in the way in the past month or so? So I focused more on my life and my partner needing me than everything else. I wanted to be there for her and it made a lot of things go by the wayside.

So I do have to do my next post for the Follow the creation series, and no worries, it’s always in the back of my mind. 🙂 As I said in the posts, just use the time in between posts to go ahead and play with it yourself.

Before my computer froze, and I had to restart it just now, I was ruminating on my Sorceress series. For years I’ve discussed the story/series (there are 5 books written I think?) and wanting to get into it. Previously I mentioned that I was going through it and seeing how far that would take me. I’m outlining it. Basically means that I am going through the story, writing out what happens in as few sentences as possible. So it looks like below (totally made up, not the story – horrible example just to show)

  • She walked into the room and realized how angry the other one was. Then realized the reason why. He’d figured out her secret – insert secret. Sometimes I ask a question this spurs here in the same area
  • They ended up arguing over the secret and she left to go find someone to help her since he wouldn’t.
    • If I think of something to add to reasons this takes place that is different from the original tale, I will go ahead and write it out below. Yes, this is all handwritten. Outlining by hand that way helps my brain process things.

So that’s how it ends up looking. Just page after page after page of that. Writing by hand helps my brain to really think as I go. I don’t want the story to be the exact same as it was when I first came up with it. I want more story and the girl who wrote it just wanted a little more . . . ahem, not story. Adult theme. Back then I worked out stuff in the stories, and I didn’t focus as much on the story, as much as writing a full novel. The Sorceress series reflects it.

Already in the 2nd book, I see me slowly transitioning and creating an actual story with depth, but there are so many issues with the entire series that it needs the rewrite. If I just edited it? I’d pretty well change 99.9% of the entire series. It’s full of red marks.

Sidenote on that – if you find issues with editing on paper? Weird tip – change the pen color. I read something from a teacher who’d said some of her students did better when the marks weren’t done in red. Red = anxiety for some people. It produces a negative reaction. Interestingly enough, when I switched to black, I began to edit far better. Even when I input changes from paper to digital. I do better seeing the black ink. I use a .5mm or .7mm tip gel pen in black to edit.

I realized it would be beyond easier to just outline the story, then come up with a new one based from the outline. I won’t know specifics too much. A lot of the story I’m not writing down. Either my brain will focus on it and insert that old stuff, or it will come up with a new idea. I already have a new idea for the Fey Prince.

I noticed that Maeve mentions a lot how he appears beside her, then is on the other side of the room. There is this point in the story where she moves with air. Similar to Riddick and those spirit creatures/things? Been a while since I saw the movies so I can’t remember. Elementals I wanna call them. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It hit me that instead of being yet another “elf,” or whatever else I was thinking of using, he might just be beyond that idea. So that pretty well changed everything about the story when it gets rewritten. I may well end up working on that after I finish writing Discovery & Deception. I know! Anyone who’s followed me for over five years has heard me talk and talk and talk about it. Now I might actually be doing something about it.

It occurred to me last night too that it could be defined, not just as a Fantasy, but a Fantasy Adventure story. For adults. This wouldn’t be for kids, just like all my stuff. But also I say to that sort of comment, it depends on the child. I was reading erotica and horror, and things children these days may not be allowed to. Not necessarily because I was allowed, either, lol. More because I found it, read it, enjoyed it, read more. I used to sneak around to watch Tales from the Crypt. If my mom caught me, I’d get in trouble.

So though I say my stuff is for adults, I also know it’s up to the family. Bear that in mind whenever I speak on it. If I had a child, I think I’d be half and half. I wouldn’t want them sneaking around on me like I did, but there are things I certainly also wouldn’t want them reading as a child. I think these days kids grow up way too fast. I’d like a child to be a child as long as possible. So it’s the individual’s choice & responsiblity.

Today I also realized that the Sorceress series actually follows Harry Potter a bit. I didn’t read that story/series until I was grown so it definitely couldn’t have influenced me. I may have watched the movies later on in the writing of this series. I am not sure. But I definitely hadn’t read any of the books before I wrote this series. I started this with the first book and it just grew.

If things influenced me, it was more of the 80s fantasy movies. Say – The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Legend, The Never Ending Story, Goonies, and others. Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit I think had been out around that time too. I’m an 80s baby. They had some fantastic fantasy movies/shows out then.

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And if you like this content and/or would like to support me in my goal to keep publishing a book every 3 months, consider a small gift. Even a dollar helps me more than I can say, and I truly appreciate it.

Buy Me a Coffee at

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