War of the Lycaen Chapter One and updates

Recently I decided to update the theme on my site. I really loved the one that I was using, but noticed if I used my regular menu on the homepage, it messed up. Many themes these days aren’t built for writers who wanna link all their book pages. Especially if there are more than 40 books. Yeah. I know.

A lot.

No, but seriously, I wrote out all my titles on a page to download here – – and suddenly I was going . . . oh dear lord. I really wrote that many? Erm, yeah. truthfully it’s not all I’ve written. It’s what’s published and most of what I wrote. I have plenty of stories that I have in other notebooks and such that I did nothing with. My editor saw it and went yes, you’re a professional now. Meanwhile I’m over here thinking, nah. I wrote a couple. Doesn’t make me expert.

Proof that ya know, some of us never reach that point. I think Stephen King says he even still thinks he’s so-so if anything. Mhm. When I hit my 1K goal stories in my life, I’ll still be, I mean I’m okay. As I’ve told my editor, it’s good though. It means I will always try to improve and do better. I will never be at that stage of, “I know it all, I don’t need improvement.” So it’s not a bad thing to have such thoughts. I think them, but don’t let them stop me from writing or anything.

Anyhoo, I updated the theme on this site and I hope it’s easier to navigate. Also hope you like the look. I have my word count widget in the popout sidebar to the right. My main menu is on the left. Lord I can’t write those correctly right now. Left/right. I still have stuff to piddle with, but I’m always doing that with sites. Hopefully this theme will last a long time.

Also, I am at this minute, working on the paperback for War of the Lycaen. (ETA – digital format is up and retailers are sending me the published notices) I just updated the site and put up the first chapter so you can read that here.

First part below.

Thousands of sounds assaulted Kylarra Knox’s senses. Breathing from something nearby. Her own heart boom . . . boom . . . boom. . . .

Blood rushed through her veins like water through pipes.

She attempted to adjust her body. Her bare flesh scraped across the damp ground. A shiver wracked her body. They must’ve washed her down while she was out. Kylarra groaned unintentionally when she moved. She tried not to make a sound, scared of her own noises in the silence, but worse . . . she was still stubborn enough to refuse to give anyone the satisfaction.

A scent beyond normal drifted into her nose, assaulting her and violating her. Cologne. One she recognized. Strong notes of sage and cedar gave it a seductive depth that tugged in the deepest and most disgusting parts of her soul.

Instantly her nerves hitched. Her heart skipped a beat. Fighting the weariness, Kylarra tried to pry an eyelid open. She made it a quarter inch before the lid drifted closed. Words were whispered in her ears, but she was barely aware of the reality of them. Not a man’s voice, nothing she recognized.

A woman whispered to her. But though she felt as if it were whispered words in her ears, Kylarra felt it coming from inside. Remember. You need to. She felt lost. Lost as though she were in a dream world.

Kylarra attempted to move her lips. Nothing came but an exhalation.

Continue here –

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And if you like this content and/or would like to support me in my goal to keep publishing a book every 3 months, consider a small gift. Even a dollar helps me more than I can say, and I truly appreciate it.

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