Rather than always posting to my socials, here’s some fun pics of Cheyenne. She is a Shih Tzu. Harassing her while I’m working on this outline. That hair! She needs to be my stylist.

I’m trying to outline a story I’ve had done for years, but always put off rewriting. Because yes it needs a total rewrite. Not just an edit. Why? I’d have to completely overhaul 99.9% of the sentences and story itself so why edit when I’m rewriting anyway? So I’m just rewriting it with all my knowledge and experience I’ve learned.

I wrote this in 2009. I think I worked on it previous, but that’s best guess for when I wrote it.

Talking about my Sorceress series. I’ve mentioned it in passing quite a lot, but it’s one of those stories/worlds that are so big (maybe needs more work, maybe author isn’t experienced enough yet, maybe they’re just not ready for it for other reasons) the author doesn’t touch. Every time I’ve tried, it got put on the back burner eventually.

So right now I’m writing out the outline as I feel like (writing down the gist of each part – could be scene, could be what someone says that I wanna remember). I’ll go from there. Not gonna pressure myself or risk it getting put aside. We’ll see how far I get this round.

I still have to continue my story developing blogs too for the story idea I am developing publicly. Thought I’d share Cheyenne pics right now. Give a bit of variety.

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