Got the digital format up

Okay, just about to get started in on the paperback for Discovery of an Enchantress. See if I can write this up before I’m called again from the living room. I just posted the first chapter (previous blog on this site) on here, and over on too.

Also quick note on that while it’s in my mind. I realized why the links show wordpress in the middle of them. WordPress now has it so that unless you’re paying for the monthly plan (any), it’ll still show wordpress in the link, even if you buy a domain and link it. (Example – So for anyone who’s noticed it, even if you remove that part from the link, the links DO still work. I will upgrade to a basic plan soon so I can have that option, but also so it removes the ads. I don’t concern myself too much on this site with the ads because it’s not a big deal to me right now and I’m careful with my budget. I don’t make enough that I want to risk needless expenses.

So just as a quick note in case anyone happens to remember that I mentioned it (wordpress in the links) might disappear. I understand wordpress doing it to bring in more money. Again, not really too much of a bother to me. It can be irritating, but eventually as my monthly funds increase, I’ll upgrade all the sites and remove ads, etc. It was part of why I’d moved from self-hosting to On the free plans they tend to all the back stuff (worrying over certificates, security, upgrades) so I don’t have to worry over it.

I worry more over sick family and feeding my dogs than whether someone is annoyed with seeing a wordpress ad in their face.

What else was I gonna mention? Oh, I wanted to also say that from now on if you want the Kindle (MOBI) version of my work, you can find that here on my Ko-Fi profile – Just click shop. I may include all the other versions of my work as well, PDF, EPUB. Make it that much easier to buy if folks like. For now it’s just MOBI for Kindle. When done with publishing the DMDU world and later on, I will explain why I’m no longer prioritizing Amazon. That’ll be too long to go into right now. So in a few months or so?

Since I haven’t had but a couple sales through Amazon itself in the past year, you may find my work there (for what’s already listed too), and if a 3rd party seller uses it, but Smashwords and that Ko-Fi store is where I will have my MOBI versions. Draft2Digital may have stores as well that sell it, I can’t think of that right now. Tired brain, lol. So if you search for new work, and it’s MOBI you like, keep that Ko-Fi shop in mind. I get more royalties off the books too. I have Discovery of an Enchantress up right now with Mr. Finkle’s Grave Error (free). I will have more as I go.

As I told my editor last night I am prioritizing release of the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world books, first. Everything else next. So for now you can still find the other books on Amazon, but I will be listing the rest of the world on Ko-Fi, and the other books too. 🙂 Just gimme time. Doing the best I can, and I’m a one person show on top of dealing with everything else in my life.

Okay, back to the paperback for Discovery of an Enchantress.

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