Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

And we begin

I decided for now I will call the novel Discovery and Deception. If that changes, I’ll be open to it, but if not I plan to just leave it as is. No point in trying to rename something I have a name for, and even if not the best, it works. Bonus of self-publishing books – I can change title any ol’ time I like. I can change it years from now if I notice that nobody ever touches it. Sometimes I rebrand, sometimes not. (Got about 500 words in.)

I’ve mentioned this before, but if you’re new, Dark Illusions? Been rebranded a LOT. Used to be called, “Awakened: The Beginning.” Then I saw too many using that as a title, and someone who’d been out there for a while was going to put out a book with that title so I chose to see if I could come up with a new one. Turned out well. I get plenty of compliments on the name. All goes to all of you. It was the popular vote.

Also, started back in with War of the Lycaen. I had begun to input the changes from paper to digital when Jeanie sent Discovery of an Enchantress back to me so I had to pause. Now I’m back into it. I’m on page 8 so not exactly far into it, but this is gonna be a doozy anyway. War of the Lycaen is a long book. It’ll probably end up being longer than I think most of mine have been.

It’s the final book in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world so it has to tie in all the storylines, wrap them up, and clean up all the extras. I plan to leave one line open though. You’ll have to read it to find that out. It’ll be a big one.

Jeanie has Discovery of an Enchantress. She just started in on her final read through for it. When she sends it back, it’ll be time for me to get it ready for publication.

And final note is that I think I will be trying out a new newsletter company soon. So if you’re using the form to sign up and see MailChimp, but the form says a different provider when I send out the newsletter in a month or so? Just be aware that is why. I’m leaving up the old sign up forms for MailChimp and just transferring people to the new list until I do begin to use it.

For those who would like to try out new providers and such, maybe just check them out? The ones that I particularly have been liking are HubSpot, SendInBlue, and MailerLite. I have looked at others, but those ended up being the 3 I’ve been most checking out. My biggest leaning is price. MailChimp keeps limited free accounts. I don’t send that many newsletters (right now once every 2 or 3 months) so I don’t need a lot of things, but that limits me if I wanted to grow my list, or grow in general. I prefer to use systems/companies that allow growth, and the reverse without tons of problems.

If this is email and the form is funky, you can go to to sign up.


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