Thought I better get an update on here

Been pretty busy with work and just trying to keep my head above water lately. I feel like many of you could relate to that. Seems like December is a toughie for far too many. I imagine with all that’s going on, and then having to deal with being cooper up at home, not being able to do as you please, that’s exacerbated the issues. And for me, and anyone who deal with pain in the body, if you’re in a climate that gets cold it is anything but kind on the body. Winter, that is. Yugh.

I’ve been doing much better though I do have to say. Part of it is using a recumbent bike versus my manual treadmill that I was using. I read that hip pain can be worse with walking so that may have to do with it. Maybe just overall being able to get my workout back on track? Mayyybbbbe just a combo of things too. Slowly but surely getting there.

So if you have to deal with a tough December, I promise you’re not alone. It’s not an easy time for anyone. Many also have to face the holidays alone in general so that doesn’t make it easy either. Someone I know lost her husband this year (she’s like a grandmother to me) so I know it may get a little tough for her. But as much as we can be there for people, sometimes it’s important, as I’ve said before, to let them figure things out on their own. We can’t always fix the problem.

I started the final read through on Discovery of an Enchantress today so by Friday I should have it sent off to Jeanie for her final looksie.

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