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Nearing the end of Guardians of The Void

I started to write Guardians of The Void on August 24, 2020. I am nearing the end of it. Not because I’ve been writing faster, truthfully. Just been having some really good writing days so that I’ve been able to get in over 2K words. Maybe it is a tiny speed up. It hit me as I was writing that, I am using a different keyboard. I’d bought the Logitech K120 (wired) that I’ve been considering for a while. I kept going . . . ehhhhh.

Then decided ya know what? I’ve tried all the others. REALLY liked the Microsoft one I purchased. Wanna say 850? 800? It is wireless. The only trouble with that one is it’s a concave keyboard. With my small hands, when I begin to write with that one, it’s hard to keep going. My fingers struggle to hit the right keys so then it hiccups my brain, then everything goes wonky. The biggest issue I have with most keyboards is either that the keys are too far apart, or the keys have to be struck hard to get the what you’re typing for.

This Logitech has been really good so far. To the point that I took pictures of the other keyboards I have and I plan to list them on my old eBay account I used to sell on. Or amazon. One of the two. They’re brand new, nothing wrong with them, but there is no point in me keeping things I don’t use. I don’t plan to list them to make bucks. Just get rid of them mostly. So it’d probably end up being $10 for each. I paid $30 I think, for my other Logitech.

Anyhoo, that may actually be what’s been helping me get the words I have. A good keyboard. People can’t underestimate how worth it they are. They don’t have to be expensive. I found the one I’m using for only I think, $10? Brand new.

I think I only have a week or two of writing left with the Guardians of The Void. Nala just got herself into trouble with her naivety. She can’t be entirely blamed though. After all, nobody saw it coming. Nobody realized that Louis had been watching them the whole time. Even the men who’d been used to war hadn’t seen it coming.

It’s one of those situations that no matter how much you plan, how much you think you’re knowledgeable in a certain area. There can always come that shock out of nowhere . One tiny thing that you may not have considered. One moment that you didn’t plan for and bam. Well, now you’re stuck.

That is where Nala is at currently. She has been used to Louis all her life. The others have. They have been around him, and she is about to realize . . . oh. He is in fact not who we thought. The one we underestimated and believed to be . . . well, an idiot? Turns out he isn’t one. He’s ben playing the role well. I’m sure we’ve all dealt with that. We believed we had them all figured out. We trusted our logic – he is no good! He knows nothing Jon Snow!


He’s actually calculating and been playing you the whole time when you thought . . . he should’ve been believed at face value.

This is about the time I’ll begin to think about what I’m going to write next. I have a notebook with a bunch of ideas so I don’t need to technically come up with one, but if one doesn’t really grab me when I read my notes, I’ll go ahead and create a new idea. I told Jeanie about one of the ideas. More “normal” compared to most of my work. It’s human, and no magic. lol No wolves, no nothing. Just a thriller. Doppelganger type. I like how all the elements interweave in it. I think my bets bet for outlining that particular book more is to come up with a timeline of events of one side of the story (or the people involved) and then do the other. THEN combine them to figure out how to best work it out.

So I write up one set of notes for one of the arcs (stack 1). Then I write up another set for the other arc (stack 2). Then I simply place the notecards (or slips of paper in my case) so it’s a note form Stack 1, Stack 2, 1, then 2. And see how it works. Zig zag of ideas. gonna be as hard to figure out for the reader I imagine as the author right now trying to figure out the story, lol. At least it’s my plan. While (hopefully) not completely pissing off the author or reader. haha

I sent Discovery of an Enchantress to Jeanie last night for her first thoughts. I can’t wait to see how she reacts to the bombshell near the end-ish, or soon before there. She is gonna *jaw drop*. As I did when I wrote the book.

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