May be changing the title

The more I write in Guardians of The Void, the more other words for Guardians are popping into mind. I keep thinking about Keepers. The meanings behind the words are a big deal to me so Guardians works, but Watchers or Keepers keeps coming to mind every time I go to use the hashtag and/or see the title.

This may be one I end up shifting the title of when it gets published if that keeps up. Same with Discovery of an Enchantress. I am contemplating changing it from an Enchantress to the Enchantress. Just ends up fitting better overall with everything stated in the books and world. Using an Enchantress also has far different meaning than using the Enchantress. An implies that there are multiple Enchantresses and that potentially more will show. Versus the stating there is one and yes there could be more, but not likely. The more likely thing is that there is only one, and the one is a big deal.

This is why I am particular about titles and what words I use. It’s not as lackadaisical as it may come across when I do my polls and go with popular choice. All terms I put out there in a poll will resonate, but for different reasons. All words I use [in a title] are chosen with care.

Also I am not typing right for anything today. I keep having to replace words, fix them, and alter spelling. Fingers don’t wanna function correctly and that is annoying me to no end, haha. Probably just exhaustion. I moved my room around yesterday so I could get ready for Winter. I usually switch stuff up around Sept-October, and then around maybe April-May or so? Move my bed away from the cold drafty window (yes we have double pane windows, but still = old house), get Kendra’s bed all set up for Winter. If I ever share a video or picture of my room you’ll see a blanket along the wall. It’s like a headboard for Kendra’s bed and where she sleeps. I put up cardboard, then a blanket so that there isn’t a draft near her. Makes it warmer for her to be in her lil nook she likes.

My new view as a I work – backyard. Until Winter drops all those leaves. Lilac bush, Walnut, fruit trees, and more.

As of late she’s only been using it at night. There was a time she went into it night or day, but I think she’s a lil annoyed with how I’ve been making it up – there’s an actual dog bed, instead of a comforter. lol Miss picky pants likes the comforter I had because she’d go down into a nook soooooo when it gets colder, I may give that back to her. Help her stay warm at night.

My helper crew – Kona telling ME off, Kaley telling someone else off because shhhhheeee was on the bed and they weren’t. So there.

It occurred to me yesterday that I have far too many dog beds and dog things in my room. Most of my time moving stuff out so I could move the bed and desk about? Was spent moving dog stuff. Now that it’s Winter though it’ll be a moot point. Minus Mila, they will all more than likely end up using me as their heater. My room doesn’t get that cold in Winter thanks to their little bodies. All depends. Some like to sleep without others fidgeting and moving them about. Others prefer sleeping on the bed with me. Kona and Kaley are the two who generally always sleep on the bed with me. Kona, especially.

Working today on inputting changes from paper version of Discovery of an Enchantress, to the digital version.

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And if you like this content and/or would like to support me in my goal to keep publishing a book every 3 months, consider a small gift. Even a dollar helps me more than I can say, and I truly appreciate it.

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