On final read through

“Technically” I started the final read through with Fury of a Queen last Friday, but since I only did a few pages, it’s a waste to consider that as a start. Working on the paper form of War of the Lycaen, and having this as a final series, I am trying to go back and forth constantly between the books (that includes Discovery of an Enchantress) to ensure all is cohesive. Not just cohesive, but I keep thinking of details to add, and switcheroos to do. I want to be sure that as I get each of these final books out, I am tying up all those loose ends.

It would annoy me as a reader to think back to a character and be all . . . what happened to blank? More so if it were a named and fairly important character. If I don’t tie up that character’s trail, I may have reason for it, but I am doing my absolute best to ensure I do for all.

The other side of that is how the world and this series, but the last book ends. I did write a chapter based on what happened after, so it ties up trails, but before that I am seeing how it ends differently than I expected. All this time I forgot the ending I wrote. The ending that I thought I wrote ends halfway through the book or so. I still have a lot after. I see now it wasn’t about who I thought after all. We are all led to believe one ending, or one is the way it goes. I forgot who that really was. Who it worked out to be. So I needed to be sure that with these 3 final books, I make sure that one – that deception is kept in place. Two – that those small crumbs for what happens, are there.

It’d be one thing for this suddenly to be all about say . . . Kelsey.

She’s the “mean girl” who is always harassing Kylarra. That path comes so out of nowhere that readers would probably be outside my house with pitchforks at that point, and they would be justified! lol I’d be out there with my own, “curse you Kiiiimmmmm.” haha

The breadcrumbs in the books have zero tie to that character, have zero importace so if I were to just dump some random ending after all this, and have it be about her? Oh, I’d be angry as a reader. Like, Kelsey?! KELSEY?!?!?! Though I dunno. I’m sure someone out there would enjoy having her pop up as an ending. One never really knows.

So that’s why I need to be sure that the tiny crumbs in the final books are set in place for what really ends the book, series, and world. That means a constant back and forth between all the final books, notes, and a lot of fixes.

One in particular is a detail I started in Law of the Beast that I recalled on Friday. All this time and it hit me – I mentioned Winter and Christmas. I need to be sure to carry that through the rest of these books because I take it what happens at the end of Birth of a Princess is just after Christmas, or during that time.

I can’t recall how much I touched on time of year (or weather) in Birth, but it is something I mentioned in Law so now it’s a good idea to carry it through and continue the theme throughout the rest of the books. That way readers get a sense of how long all of this has taken place. They get more understanding and sympathy for the plight of the characters, and what sort of pain one endures through MONTHS of what’s happening. It’s not just two days and RELEASE HER. lol

Yes, I’m being general to not give away too many spoilers in this case. May not always care, but in this case, it’s the final series and books so I want most of it to be new for people. More so those who see this post later on as a new reader.

I’m fortunate that I remembered that about the time/weather though because following it through in this book (Fury of a Queen) and carrying it throughout the rest, it will show just how long their world is dealing with all of it. Funnily enough, I’ve mentioned how my world tends to coincide a lot with this world? And they are headed toward chaos in the streets in this final series, a virus being set loose, different beings against different beings outside of their own. Sound familiar? Strange.

This coming Friday, I’ll be sending Fury off to Jeanie for final looksies.

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