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All DMDU Chapters are up

At least in terms of the books that have been published. I’m going to list all of the books and the chapters that I have up on the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe website.

Soon I’ll begin to work through and share character profiles, Mila’s journal posts, and whatever else I have previously posted. I sent most of the previously published posts/articles on that site to the draft bin so that I could release them as new now that the site is public, and live. So I have plenty of those to edit and republish, as well as posts on another site that I was going to use as a wikia. I’m gonna just combine all into the one site.

One day I can hire someone to turn the site into something truly spectacular, but for now I will just combine all I was working through so that fans/readers can peruse the information. Now that the final series is being worked through and published there is a lot of information I can share that I’ve held back, and plenty more to come through the years. This isn’t a “it’ll take me a year to publish everything,” sort of site and world. This is more like the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter worlds. Ever growing, ever expanding, so much information to come and that I can share. So much still to learn, so much still to figure out.

The main story arc is being published in the series. The side stories are still to come. Maybe even other stories.

Frustratingly many who only ever do one world and one genre have almost spoiled those who love their books and world into the “more more more” mindset because they were cranking out stories and side stories and then smaller character stories along with those and working FT just to do that. Nothing else. So they conditioned the reader to expect it all once a month (or more often) like clockwork. It’s very frustrating to be an author who lives under that and nearly being a “failure” because there are other worlds to focus on, other books, and my brain isn’t cranking out stories for this ONE world and ONE character people want. I can’t crank out stories based on who is a favorite character.

Maybe it’s why I sympathize with George R.R. Martin and him taking so long. He has a ton of other projects. His brain probably fights back against always focusing only on that one world. It is a LOT of information for his brain to process and focus on. Even if it takes him years, it may not seem like years to his brain. His brain might feel like it just finished that giant book yesterday in the world.

So I know readers and fans may crave more in the DMDU world at this instant, but life. And brain, and focus, and exhaustion, and . . . life. There is only so much I can do at once, only so much I can process when I already have a massive to do in my brain, and taking care of an elderly parent who constantly puts more there, I am worn down most of the time. I’m doing my best to get all the information up in a timely manner, focus on that, but I won’t promise that today, right now, this instant, I will have the entire world up, and all the information tied to it. Can’t do it. I won’t.

For readers it’s years ago they may have finished a book and they want the next this instant. For the writer? It may still feel like yesterday. Their brain may not have had the vacation it needed from the story yet to relax and want to refocus on it.

So give writers more grace. Too many are focused on now now now and live lives where they can have things now now now. Not all can work that way, or have the ability to. Things get in the way, life happens, takes time.

Books and chapters currently up on the world website.

Dark Illusions

Enchanting the Moon

Dynasty of Moirae

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