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I thought I would bring attention to something

I just noticed this. I keep a close eye on my newsletter subscribers because I don’t want people on there who don’t interact. Many people have been signing up through WordPress (here), and I was concerned they didn’t realize that they were signing up for my newsletter. When it clearly states that it is for my newsletter, not the blog.

Well, I have seen this a few times today –

Note that it clearly states they were added via wordpress, but they unsubscribe with the reason that they didn’t sign up for it. I have a couple like that. I also have someone who labeled my newsletter “spammy content,” now could it be an accident on that one since it’s just one? Of course.

However, I wanted to mention this for others like myself who are beyond careful with their newsletters, with who they market to, and in particular because I don’t want to be spam. Notice that I always state that in my information for the list. That I don’t want to be more noise to sift through.

Labeling a newsletter sender as spammy content, or stating that you didn’t sign up for the list? That’s telling MailChimp I am violating their policies and signing people up without their consent. When in reality, I have never once done that. I have asked multiple times. To sign up for this, you have to verify via email that you want to be ON my newsletter list. I have the confirmation email stating very clearly too that this IS a newsletter. One can’t sign up for my particular list without a good amount of clicks and “yes,” sign me up. “Yes, I mean it,” lol.

I do it because of this very reason. As a person who values integrity and kindness to her readers above all? This sort of thing irritates me. Don’t worry, not that amount. Just makes me want to bring your attention to this. As you can tell by the date of this particular one, it wasn’t recent. I was archiving people who unsubscribed because MailChimp counts those too so if I end up with enough to have to pay for the service (I don’t have anywhere near those numbers), those too cost unless they’re archived. So a note for those who have MailChimp. Archive the unsubscribes.

This thing below is for newsletters. As it clearly states. In the biggest font possible. Don’t sign up if you’re only interested in blogs. THAT is at the bottom of my site.

And please, before you label someone spam or “I didn’t sign up for this,” be sure that’s true. I don’t sign up for things often so if I say that? I know without a doubt I haven’t (I still rarely label people like that), and the bottom of every newsletter (for those like myself who value integrity, it will say why you did, or where). For mine, it’s “You are receiving this email because you opted in to be on Kim Iverson’s Newsletter titled, “Kim Iverson News.” If you are no longer interested, feel free to unsubscribe below, or resubscribe at any time later on.”

So be cautious with those things. Unless you want to have someone shut down. I’m sure someone out there hates me enough to wanna do that. Or with the way things are going in the world, people may just because they can and they see me say something they no likie. If that ever happens, I may not waste the effort to have another newsletter. The real reason I have one is for the current folks who are signed up, and who do. Those people I care about and those people I do this for. Not me. Not to get rich. Not for attention. It’s for my readers who want the newsletter in their email because it’s easier for them. For you.

In other news, I got my proof for Birth of a Princess paperback back today. Reaaaallly loving the cover for it. Should be available to purchase soon. I’ll share more in the newsletter tonight. If you’re not signed up, sign up below. 🙂

If this is email and the form is funky, you can go to to sign up.


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