Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Through the years some folks have asked if I would do interviews. If it’s a Q&A where I can fill in information and get back to them, I am happy to oblige. Far easier on both our parts to be able to do it on our own time. Right now I can’t do live, but do hope maybe one day to be able to. I hope to do it one-on-one with you, as the reader, asking me questions too. Sort of how YouTube folks will do a live, you ask the question, and they answer? That sort of thing.

Until then I will list reviews posted (of those sent to me, I don’t go looking remember) and interviews individuals post. I’m so open on here that most of the things asked, I’ve already mentioned in these blogs, but I still suggest you go check out that individual’s site. There may be something there you like, and you can subscribe. They would appreciate it, I’m sure. So often a blogger (or moi as an author) will write up these blogs and have that feeling of talking into space because there’s no feedback. Even just a like, comment, subscribe, mention. That’s feedback. Telling people that hey, I like what you’re writing about and I’d like more. 🙂

20 Unknown Authors You Need to Know About
(Feb 11, 2017)
by Rutankhamen

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