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Feels kinda like I’m disconnected

You ever get that feeling? Where it’s like, you’re going through your day and you’re doing everything you should, but it’s almost as if you’re on a default mode. Autopilot, but still cognizant of what you’re doing. Could just be the product of having freakin woke up around 5:30 am. lol But I do occasionally have those moments where I’m present, but at the same time I feel like I’m not entirely connected.

Feels weird.

Was able to get a good amount of writing in this morning despite that. Getting to some juicy parts. Prism just had a huge epiphany and decided to risk her life in order to keep from helping the thing she is faced with. I say thing because I don’t really know what its kind is. It’s in charge and wants her cooperation and she refuses to give it.

Since this book is a part of the Guardian of Life series, this thing goes back to even Hope of the Future. Not it having been in the book, but that its presence was. We didn’t see it, hear mention of it, outside of the scientists. But as I was writing the past few chapters in this book I happened to realize it ties in.

In Hope of the Future, she saves Earth, she saves humans who have been bought as pets and used as slaves. Hope also mentioned in one of the later books (I want to say it’s Under Empty Stars that she shows up in) that she feels a threat to Earth coming. It was only after I wrote the part in THIS book, Creations of the Galaxy that I went, wow. This ties in. Because in the beginning of Creations, Earth is being destroyed. That may have something to do with the why. Why it was being destroyed.

Makes me wonder though. Did Hope warn people? Did Hope get off Earth? Is this book so far ahead in time that Hope is no longer able to protect them? SO many questions came to mind when I realized the destruction of Earth in the beginning of this book tied into Hope’s storyline and arc. Although this book does also tie in with Ellie’s story arc (character in this series/world) so it makes me wonder if any of them will show in this book. This isn’t part of the main arc. I knew the book would tie in with the story/world overall, but didn’t have plans for any of the characters to enter into it. Never know though. They might.

Remember, don’t follow this blog if you can’t stand ANY type of spoiler because I am not that person – I don’t mind spoilers at all so I will give some about my own work too.

By the way,

I still have my freebies up if you want to grab a copy of one of the books, or you have a friend who may like to check it out – Free until end of May If you’d like to, and still offer something, you’re welcome to donate a dollar or something to Patreon too. As I’ve mentioned previously, I just don’t have the personal energy, let alone time, to keep up with tiers so for now that is on hold. I do have a few things up on there though right now. I will have to update Patreon with the information too.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 62,915 words

Current word count as of today – 63,800 words

Total words written since last post – 885 words

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