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Sleepy girl

It’s 1:30 pm and I could probably go pass out if I laid down. Or at least I could pretend to, lol. I still have my freebies up if you want to grab a copy of one of the books, or you have a friend who may like to check it out – Free until end of May If you’d like to, and still offer something, you’re welcome to donate a dollar or something to Patreon too. As I’ve mentioned previously, I just don’t have the personal energy, let alone time, to keep up with tiers so for now that is on hold. I do have a few things up on there though right now. I will have to update Patreon with the information too.

I currently am not the only tired one. I have a dog snoring behind me too, lol. Mila was helping me cut the grass until the battery died on the mower. Worked though. I had to stop and get some lunch so I was able to put the battery on the charger. Of course I got distracted by Lucy barking at me so I had to quiet her down, then forget to put said battery on charge until around 12:30 or so. haha I like the Ryobi for that reason. When I quit work at 4pm, I’ll be able to finish the backyard. Battery will have finished charging. It only takes a few hours.

If you’re looking to get a battery mower, this is similar to mine. Can’t find my exact model by eye and I’m too lazy to go look at what one it is. lol

It is so light that I can push it with one hand up a hill. We don’t have major hills in our yard, but more of an incline. In the backyard from all the dogs and years, there are a lot of bumps so I gotta be careful though. Otherwise it bounces up and down like crazy so I don’t get a good cut, it’s just a mini 4×4 session with a mower, haha. So I got casual and slow. I can cut the grass here maybe 4-8 times on average before I need to charge the battery again? Just depends on the day. Good in wet grass. Chops the top off of cherry roots if one is not careful. Cherry wood is tough too. I was worried about it being mostly plastic, but it’s a tough lil mower.

Listening to this in the background. Love this profile. Such great music they compile.

It was just occurring to me how afraid of the mower Mila used to be. When we got her, it was just hard moment after hard moment. Problem after problem. The breeder was . . . not a good one in the end. Even now. The woman has had a few different names and breeder profiles at this point. Have a strong feeling that when another owner starts to gripe, she changes things and probably makes them into the bad guy as she did us and the few others I know who complained to AKC about her, and notified them of the way we were treated, the puppy we got, all of it. Because I’m sorry, but if someone treats me wrong, but more so an animal and can’t simply take responsibility for it? But instead tried to make us into the bad guy? We will report you. Period.

I don’t try to shame publicly so no, I won’t say her name. She knows who she is. She knows that blaming us for a problem the puppy had when we brought her here, and to the vet with explosive diarrhea and malnourishment, is in fact, not a fault of ours. Not when we were doing everything to ensure Mila survived and were more concerned with that, and protecting other owners and puppies. We still never received all the paperwork that we had been promised when we paid the money. Never asked for any money back, we just wanted Mila to be okay. We just wanted to be sure other owners knew what had been wrong with her could be an issue for their pup. That was it. But the breeder had turned around the problem, blamed us, and kept telling us we could give Mila back. Narcissistic behavior 101.

But when we first got Mila she had a TERROR of anything related to a motor, gas scents, and anything of that nature. As a puppy I did everything I could to help desensitize her, but it never really got that much better. She’d tolerate being outside with me while I did the grass, but never . . . no. I shouldn’t say never. She would rarely want to get too close to me while I mowed. But when I got the battery one? She now loves to walk behind me so most of the time I go one way, she follows. I go another, she follows.

Which leads to a very sleepy Doberman, lol.

I’m just glad she can be in the yard. The mower sounds like an air turbine fan if you’d ever heard one of those. A big box fan in general I suppose is a good relatable sound too. So she doesn’t fear being in the yard with me. She will walk behind me, around me, come give me kisses if I ask for them. Far better. Could also be age. She’s such a calm happy dog at this point. Even getting better at being extra gentle with my mom and not trying to get too rambunctious around her. Been working with that with her all her life since my mom can get hurt too easy.

I attribute that to her lines. I no longer acknowledge that other woman we dealt with as who I got Mila from. I attribute it all to the woman who owns Mila’s family lines. The Dobermans are such beautiful personalities. I get to see all sorts of puppy pics whenever she has a new litter. Way too cute. We lucked out on that. Mila has a wonderful personality and outside of that first issue when we first brought her home, she has been healthy.

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