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Proof arrived

And I am absolutely loving it. You know what I am loving more? The fact that I don’t have anything to change. lol

Here’s the image I sent to Jeanie.

The lighting makes it much lighter in appearance than it is. It’s a wee bit darker in person. I am beyond happy that I don’t have anything to change because I can do this blog, just finished printing out newest pages for Creations of the Galaxy, and get me tookus over to editing Birth of a Princess. Haven’t had a chance to begin. I was too busy trying to get newsletter up and ready yesterday, and get all the pages updated on this site with the information about the release of Law of the Beast.

I am headed over to Amazon to approve the proof for this book now. Just means that now Amazon has to approve it for distribution. Unless there is a major thing that I didn’t notice, they’ll approve it within the next 8-12 hours. I’ve been doing pretty good at having them upload and allow my books up for sale within 8 hours from clicking.

I’m actually doing that while I do this. lol

I want to get started on final looksie of Birth of a Princess so I’m not gonna write much here today. Gotta get moving on it.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 51,397 words

Current word count as of today – 52,716 words

Total words written since last post – 1,319 words

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