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Hit the 50K mark on Creations of the Galaxy

I didn’t fully know where this book would go, but it seems to be a bit more “awakening” story, and “finding oneself, connection,” than where I thought it may go. Which was more action and chase I guess, story. Which is kinda funny.

Many times whatever the author is going through will come through in their stories. It’s why many who’ve gone through a lot end up writing the first few books as some gruesome and extreme stories. They may even be in first person. It’s as if the writer is using the story to release a lot of what has built up inside of them. Then after the first few finished books/stories you’ll see a different style.

My first few stories that I wrote included the first Dark Illusions book. Hence that one underwent over twenty different versions. I’d even guess a hundred. It was a lot. Another one was one I finally pulled. It was just not something that reflected me in a way I wanted up there. Actually, I guess it was two. One I won’t talk about. Maybe I will redo it down the line and republish it, I don’t know. But the other is retitled Scorched Silence, and as you saw on here, I did finally just rewrite the thing. There was way too much to change and the story ended up being so different that I just rewrote it.

As you see above, I mention that they all underwent a lot of changes. The one I finally pulled didn’t go through as many, but I pulled it. I have enough of a backlog now that I can decide what to have up, what not. I’m not going to have things up that don’t reflect a vibe that I want to have reflected, and that one had a milder form of BDSM that I touched on, but I don’t usually touch on that in my books. Are Ky and Verrick rough together? Yes, they are. But are they nearing the abuse factor? No. And . . . they are both supernatural creatures so one expects they might get a little feisty in the bedroom. lol Kat and Julian are probably the only other couple who go toward the rough side, but not entirely. They have a passion for one another that is never quenched, and it comes with a deep, deep love (like Ky and Verrick), but it’s less a physical roughness, as much as for them it’s a dominance play for the emotional and such.

So they don’t go “rough,” too often like Ky and Verrick, as much as Kat bows to Julian’s will and command. I mean he’s King of the Awakened so there is that. I know many of my readers get irritated with him and his “controlling,” manner. I am perfectly okay with that, as I can understand it. We all have things that we do like, and don’t like. Plenty also love him. I’m also okay with that too. I like the honesty. In later books with him, I think it begins to show just where that “controlling,” nature comes from. Especially when I put out the extended version and more of his depth and story came out. For me, he’s probably one of my favorite male characters.

Later books reveal more of his character. That he has this depth that for him to open up and allow someone to see that side, it’s a huge deal. To the point that Kat becomes the most precious thing in his world. So for any harm to come to her (like with Verrick and Ky in that way), it’s not just gonna hurt him, it’s going to affect all he holds dear. So he does try to take control, and take the lead, which can come across as controlling. Kat ends up understanding it, letting him having his way, and even helping him ease up more, but he can’t help himself. He wants her safe, healthy, happy, and to stay that way. I can appreciate that about him. Again, to me he’s too adorable for words. He provides Kat a lot of that security and comfort, a stabilizer to her chaotic energy inside. He quiets her mind, calms her soul.

So her fiery nature blossoms into its true potential under him, and her energetic nature brightens up his stable energy. I don’t want to say loosens him up. That wouldn’t be the right way to put it. Julian is a business man. He is focused. He is driven. He is ambitious. He isn’t who he is because he’s all over the place, and crazy. It’s the way he needs to be to achieve his goals, it is why he achieves them. When he focuses on a goal, it will be achieved. So maybe a better way to describe it would be that Kat adds fuel to his drive. Gives him a purpose to the focus. When she’s around him, he has a reason for what he does that is outside of just “success.” She reminds him to relax more and appreciate, love, and not just cut people down in his path, not work until he collapses. So his heart opens to her and more connection oriented, less cold hard business man.

I guess that is a better way to describe it. Because I don’t think Julian ever could be called playful in general. With her? Oh, he’s playful. He’s passionate too. She loves it. It releases that pressure inside of him and he becomes his true potential. Just like Kat. Because Julian gives her that rock, that stabilizer to the energy, so that when she finally releases it, she has a direction too. So for her, his “controlling,” nature teaches her direction and focus, and she just likes it. Whereas her “playful,” nature provides him that ease to release the playful side more often, and not be so single-mindedly focused that he ends up working himself into the ground.

A true power couple. One which changes the world around them because they bloom into their full potential through each other’s guidance. What a beautiful thing that is.

Back to my main point about this story, and the direction.

I definitely feel like whatever many writers are going through, will be reflected in their stories. Makes me think of Stephen King mentioning that he wrote a few books while out of his mind and they show that reflection. And for me, I literally told my best friend this morning, I feel that change happening inside of me. Something fundamentally down to my core. I think it’s being reflected in this story. It’ll be interesting when it’s finished, to see where the story ends up headed because of it.

A lot of things are lining up too, which is funny. It hit me today (probably why that bit connected up there about them) that Kat thinks of her and Julian as perfect puzzle pieces. They line up perfectly. It hit me this morning how I wanted to say the exact same thing, then I remembered Kat saying that about Julian. Which only made me smile at the reflection of book to life. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog. How I find it very interesting that a lot of what I’ve spoken about, or written in my stories, lines up well in my life.

I mean I may as well grab books of mine and start reading to see what the future holds, huh? lol Or if you do, you can laugh at some of the scenes in the stories, when I go to mention the exact same thing on this blog. lol

Now that I’m waiting on my proof for Law of the Beast, I am going to be getting my newsletter ready to send out tomorrow, and now work on Birth of a Princess again. Law is released in digital form now. I am almost near the end of inputting changes from paper to digital so I told Jeanie I may send it to her by mid-May or so.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 49,828 words

Current word count as of today – 50,267 words

Total words written since last post – 439 words

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