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The different way people make us feel

Been thinking about that as of late. We are surrounded by people no matter how closed off we become, no matter how reclusive some live, social media might be their place to connect, over the phone, even random people showing up at their door. Day to day life. Work. School. So many places, so many chances for us to be around people, to connect with them, even just energetically.

I think one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my life is that even if you are not physically present in someone’s life, you are in their life. You are there with them. Maybe you can’t touch them, maybe you can’t hold them, but even before we meet some people, we are truly connected to them. It’s that idea of soul mates, or you could use the term soul family. Because they could be romantic partners, familial connections, platonic friendships, any number of things.

We have so many connections in our lives that we aren’t even aware of. I shared a quote on Facebook today, or a partial. It came from someone saying it to The Lune Innate on YouTube, and she’d repeated it. It was that this world would be entirely different if you weren’t around. And it’s true. I mean really think about it. (I think I’ve shared it on here before, but can’t remember right now so forgive me for the repeat if I have.) If you weren’t here, this world? Totally different. THAT is how connected we are. THAT is how much of a difference just one soul can make to this planet.

Truly give it some thought.

That is how connected all of us are. Like the mom who knows her child is in trouble. Like the lover who senses something wrong with their partner. Like the husband who just knows his wife is about to call him. There is a connection we hold to other people that goes far beyond the physical.

It’s that same connection and energy that we put off, and that others feel from us, or give to us. I almost want to say gift, and that’s what it is too. It can be a curse in that same respect as well. But think of one person who brings on the anxiety (may feel like butterflies) when they’re connecting with you, around you, talking to you. Consider that one where you feel off around them. There is a reason that you are like, I can’t be alone with this person. Not any real reason why for the reason. Just something touches us differently. We sense something in their energy and it reacts in our body, telling us avoid!

That makes me think of when I used to walk my Australian Shepherd. I went down into this neighborhood that I enjoyed because one, the street connected to others that helped me make a wide circle, lol. Two, there was a nice hill that really gave me a good workout. For the most part it was very quiet and nice.

One day I encountered this guy who my dog (who loved everyone but him and the ex who raped me) was just like, nope. Stay away from me. Stay away from my mom. And she actually snapped at him when he got close asking if he could pet her. I had said it was okay. I had no qualms outside of this tiny little whisper inside of me that was uncomfortable around him. I’d had that feeling around plenty of people who Sabrina was okay with. So I know it wasn’t me directing her energy. She knew though. She knew, this one mom? Stay away.

When he ended up constantly talking to me in a pushy way and telling me if I wanted to use his phone (why?! lol) or get water or anything, I could come on in the garage, I gathered her point. He got creepier so I focused more on other neighborhood streets for a while because she would react and I would react, to that one house. So, as most women gather, I simply chose other streets to focus on. Something wasn’t right about him. I would not put myself in that personal safety risk zone, or my dog. I did eventually begin to walk it again, and rarely ever encountered him after that so I’m sure he gave up, realizing I wasn’t about anymore.

But we have that little whisper inside that tries to explain to us something in another person’s energy is a dangerous to our personal safety. The thing with that though? With another? They may not have a reaction that way. So either they don’t sense it, or that individual isn’t a personal safety risk to THAT person. It may not even be about personal safety. Wanna throw that exception right up there. Say, if I don’t like Bernie but someone else does. I don’t like to go too political, but that’s not this. This is just the person. Something about him for me? I just don’t like him. I know others who have that with other candidates we had. Personally he may be cool, but something in me reacts to something in him. Even if we are not physically near the person we can react to the energy they carry. You’ve seen it with a certain individual sitting in the White House right now.

And again, this isn’t a “political,” so if anyone tries to take it there, I will not allow the comment. This is about energy we carry, energy we feel, connections. That’s it. So i appreciate you for not taking it down that road.

Back to the point of this. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I feel inside when dealing with certain individuals. That tells me more about them than anything else in the world. How do you feel inside? That will tell you volumes. And I don’t mean how do they MAKE you feel. That is important too, but I mean you. Center in on yourself. Take a deep breath. Think of them. When you interact with them. Take note of what is inside of you. When they’re not about.

Compile it. Merge it. What’s the answer?

Do you feel strengthened? Calm? Centered? Anxious? Crazy? Worried? Do you feel like you’re being a better person when your energy connects to theirs? And not because they say do this, do that. Do you feel accepted? Do you feel seen? Heard?

That to me is far more powerful than anything else.

How do you feel inside?

In the case of this post’s inspiration? Lemme see if I can accurately describe what I feel. Imagine going on a trip. Imagine having to leave home and though you’re enjoying the trip, after a while you’re tired, you’re exhausted, you’re worn out. So tired of the constant battling of work, friends, etc. (Ahem, not literal battle with friends. Just a lot of juggling on some days.) You finally walk in the door, it’s warm, that scent of home wraps around you, and you set your stuff down and just sit down. You take a deep breath, and that? That is how I feel inside. Like I just came home after a long vacation and as much as the vacation has been great, home. Home is where we finally go to relax and let our hair down.

I get that feeling when I am with my best friend too. I have moments of anxiety, sure. I have to admit something that is hard, I worry over the response. But that’s only because those are things I may have been crapped on for before, or never had the courage to admit. But when I deal with her? I feel . . . just like I described. I feel like this is home. As they say, home isn’t always where we live. It is people. People who are friends, who are more like family (she definitely is). People who we love who we want forever with. People who maybe ARE family. I think many, most? I think there are plenty who can relate to friends being more like family than our own family. I would hope it’s not a majority, but one never knows.

That is why the two closest to me are the two closest to me. I feel what I shared yesterday in that quote from the book. Not judged. Not criticized. I feel seen. Heard. Accepted.

That is something we should all look for in those we keep closest to us. Whether a pet, a family member, a friend, a lover, partner, husband, wife, whatever. The connection of energy shouldn’t be stagnant, stifled. Being wholly taken in and simply loved for it? Even at our worst? It is strengthening. Empowering. That is the love people speak of when they say love heals, it helps us grow, become better. That is the love we need more in this world.

I went down that road, I know. But if it’s in my head? I’m gonna put it down here. Totally reminded me of a promise I just made, lol. Oh yeah, I fully keep my promises.

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