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Major progress with the book

Today I got in a good 2221 words. That made me happy. With how little I was able to write last week because of the editing, if I have a few days like this, I am going to have made up for the last week.

I had this particular passage that I wrote today which I really enjoyed. It summed up what Gaarn was making Prism feel like, part of what is drawing her in so much. Hard to deny a pull like that. I should know.

There was just no judgement, no shame, no I am wrong for this with him. It simply . . . was.

That is why she didn’t feel wrong for what she felt, what was going on in her, what she was fighting, what she wasn’t. Any of it. For once she knew what it was like to have someone learning her, nothing more. Not attempting to fix, not attempting to judge. Just, learning her to know her. Not shaming her for anything inside of her. Teasing, yes. Shaming? No. Teaching, yes. Judging? No.

It was . . . she eyed the doorway he’d went though. It was incredible to be honest.

He only wanted to know her because he knew that she was going to be there until one of them died. So he wasn’t rushing her, he wasn’t forcing, he was patiently learning her soul, her mind, her body.

I really like how he’s making her feel. What I find interesting is how I will write things in my books that come to pass in my own life. I have been thinking about that with this book. Where I left off in this book, and what I had written before this. I read it back, think on it, and see how much it relates to what I’m dealing with NOW. I think I’ve said that a few times before on this site. Anyone who knows me will know that I will sometimes experience what some deem “psychic” visions, but anyone who has ever had them knows it’s actually more like science. It’s a person who is beyond hyper aware of their surroundings. In a way so sensitive to the energy in the world, in what movements people make, that it will compile inside of their brain and show them an image of something to come.

If you break it down, it’s not really magic, but science. Chemicals, synapsis firing. Maybe flesh is involved as we can feel through flesh, but maybe it’s more of a brain thing. Those who folks deem “psychic,” are just more tuned in. Like any talent or craft, they have honed it to a sharp edge. Listening and understanding when others may have pushed it aside or diminished it. Same as a cop learning to listen to that “instinct,” that saves lives. We all technically have it. Writers do it. It’s the little voice in my head that tells me to write a certain thing, it will make sense later. Or connects certain passages without me realizing it, until later.

Either way, I do experience plenty of that. For those who haven’t been here, I noticed a few years ago that I was having the literal exact conversation I wrote, with someone else. Right now there is someone going, well yeah, you wrote it. I wrote the other words? Manifesters can say, yeah you did. Whatever you like to think, or say, or believe it as, I’ve seen that happen.

I have written conversations, people, all of it. Then later on? Experienced them long after remembering what I wrote. It’s almost spooky when it happens and then later you’re editing a story and go . . . wait. lol I am not the only writer who had that. Jeanie got me Dean Koontz’s Ashley Bell. In the story, she is a writer. She ends up writing stories that later she lives. As a child she wrote a story about a dog. Then though the dog is bigger, it’s the exact dog she wrote as a child. I was beyond weirded out reading that book after I had my own realization that year.

If you’re looking for a good read, give that a try.

But going back to my point. When I was writing about Gaarn, I didn’t even think about the way he was treating Prism, other than thinking how incredible that would be. How very beautiful his personality was for being who/what he is. Then after I wrote those passages, I later realized, I was writing someone I knew without knowing that I was. What I had forgotten, but was somewhere inside of me, Gaarn existed. Obviously not entirely him. Characters don’t work like that. I have used a couple male friends as influences and no, they are not the exact replica in my books. That would be wrong to do. I influence and let the character grow.

Only this time I think the influence came in after, lol. I think it slipped in unaware to me. What I’d wanted that is. What I’d thought was a great personality. Then after writing it was when I experienced it, and realized I’d known that type of personality. So often the influence comes before. In this case I think it came unbeknownst to me, and after. Or, during? I guess that works better.

Either way, I’m really liking Gaarn. He’s a pretty spectacular being. I knew he would be, but I don’t think I realized how much he would.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 38,276 words

Current word count as of today – 40,497 words

Total words written since last post – 2,221 words

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