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May as well play into it

I had another fun day of writing despite being woke early today. Mila had a stomach ache this morning so she woke me at 5 am (I usually wake around 6:30 am) and wanted to run outside. We also had rain so there were a couple more times that she wanted to go out, but then would see the rain and be all . . . nope, I’ll hold it. I gave her some of these treats that I got which helped too. They are a probiotic and prebiotic treat for dogs. I noticed that if they have a stomach ache, when I give them one of those treats, they can actually help the stomachs to feel better. That, plus a tiny smidgen of ginger on something, or in something. Usually applesauce or yogurt. I stopped giving the treats on a normal basis because like me, they would start to have loose stools when given them, even though it IS a daily treat.

Like me, the tummies apparently don’t need those things. I try to take a probiotic on a normal basis and start to have stomach issues. It’s clear they get enough in the food they eat, and their fresh fruits and veggies we give them. So now I keep them for when the dogs get sick belly. Works within 30 minutes. If it’s not severe, the treat works just fine. If it’s severe, I might need a tiny bit of ginger too. And when I say tiny, I mean TINY. For the little dogs, I usually only touch my finger into the ginger and then tap a little dusting off. For the 13 lb size, I might do a tiny bit more. But for Mila (70 lbs), I’ll do a pinch. small pinch. It doesn’t take much at allll for the dogs. I’d suggest doing homework online and researching the negatives and positives for dogs before doing it if you want to try it, but it has helped us a lot. The treat if you want to look up –

And since I’m giving advice like that –

Major legal disclaimer. I am not a doctor, I don’t claim to be one. This is not medical advice. I don’t claim to be an expert. If you need medical advice, seek a medical professional. Or, a veterinarian if it’s for pets. Everything expressed anywhere on this blog (site, really) is truly only factual when it comes to my books, but even that shifts with time as some books get edited, then those “facts,” can become opinions on my own work. Technically. So these are strictly my views, opinions, and I don’t demand anyone to take them on, or anything. I truly hope that comes across. This is just another opinion, stated in my own way. As my blogs always are. Maybe it allows you a new way to look at things, maybe not. Maybe it helps you understand me more, maybe it doesn’t. My grammar is likely total icky on these. They are unedited and unscripted. Not meant to be “perfect.”

Now about the story. As I was writing and discussing the ship I realized, ya know, I don’t have to know all these technical details. The character POV I’m in doesn’t. She couldn’t tell you a button that ejects her out from a button that just turns on air inside the ship. SO, I went with that. lol I don’t write hard Sci-Fi because I don’t know details like that. I know a more light version of Sci-Fi. So I just played into it. I let the character be as she was and the result was this scene that made me laugh.

Took me many writing years to be comfortable with allowing my own voice into the story. Not my voice as in taking over character in this instance, but my voice as in being OKAY that I don’t have perfect grammar, and I don’t need perfect detailing as it is below (imperfect). If that’s the way the character speaks and I don’t KNOW hard Science Fiction rules and all that, it’s fine. It’s why I personally label this stuff Sci-Fantasy. Or Sci-Horror. Because I am not trying to give my readers a technical manual on science anything. That’s for those awesome writers of such things who KNOW all that. And even them? Probably have plenty who are debating what they write. As I’ve said from Jeffrey Marsh on here before, “Nobody is universally liked. Nobody.”

Gaarn’s amusement was in his tone as he reached over to fiddle with some thingiejigs on his board. “Yes. Zippy things. Ships travel farther, faster.”

“Gotcha, gotcha,” she mumbled. They zoomed past shorelines filled with rocky bluffs, making it clear that nothing would have anywhere to dock or settle on shore around this planet either. So it made far too much sense that they wouldn’t risk trying. “Still,” she said as they continued on, “it’s beautiful.”

And that’s also the thing. When I do write stuff like this, I have all those critiques that I know someone will have in my mind. So if you’re a newbie and you’re concerned about that? If you don’t think I’m aware of those things, or that people who’ve written a lot of books, been writing many years, whatever. If you think we don’t have those same fears you do? The “this isn’t gonna be perfect, they’ll hate this,” fears? Oh, we do. I promise. Never really goes away. Every single critique someone can give me based on this blog, based on the grammar, based on ME, based on what I see in the mirror, based on how I type, based on etc., etc., etc., it’s right there in my head. Every second of the day almost.

The only difference? I don’t give it much credence. I know that there are just as many who will have nothing but praise, who will love it, who will adore it, who will pick it apart out of their love and praise those aspects. I don’t give that much credit either. I allow that “noise,” to act like the wind in my head. It’s gonna come and go, but until we latch on and really start to focus, it’s just air. It’s just something that’s there. It has no power over you. That’s why I don’t try to rid myself of all that negative or positive. I just let it be.

I don’t have to do anything about it. The negative helps me to keep from getting arrogant, and it helps me continue to learn to be better, and to grow as a writer. The positive allows me the confidence to put the writing out there as it is (um, after editing for those who wanna think a statement like that doesn’t include editing too). It allows me to say thank you and accept people loving my work. Neither is bad. Neither is good. Everything is neutral until we assign it a label, and I simply see both positive and negative in all of it so it’s neutral for me.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out, sometimes it does. Learn, grow, get better.

I like that I’m comfortable enough finally to be able to let my voice go in my work. That’s a positive in my view. Including not editing a character’s voice out who wants to call a button a thingiejig. lol

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 30,782 words

Current word count as of today – 32,773 words

Total words written since last post – 1,991 words

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