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Always nice to figure things out after

Just discovered an interesting little piece of information. Had anyone been trying to call me the past few months, I wasn’t getting notice! If they left me a voicemail, or sent me a text, I’d know. But just calling? They’d have gotten ringing and then the voicemail picking up.

I noticed that because the other day someone apologized for calling me multiple times while they were mowing the lawn. I went . . . I didn’t get any. They must not have connected. Didn’t occur to me at all that it was my app. When I was going through the settings just now on my texting app (Hangouts) I went, wait. Why doesn’t it say it’s forwarding calls to my cell?

Because it wasn’t. lol Many YEARS ago, my brother set me up on his cell plan. Probably when I first got a number. He was truck driving and didn’t like my pay by minute I used because I didn’t like to USE the phone unless I needed to. But then as a truck driver he needed to be able to call me if something happened and he needed help finding an address to deliver to as of now. So he ended up putting me on his plan. Later on though he let the contract expire when he’d lost the work because of health issues and inability to drive and I’d lost the number I had for years. So I ended up getting a Google Voice number and decided that no matter what, even if I got cell service again, I’d always use that and just forward. That way I could lose a cell number and it was fine. That way I could change numbers and it was fine.

I have that weird thing where I always try to keep a backup. Learning from experience. So I’ve been using the Voice app, but it was acting up so I wanted to try the Hangouts again. Been a few years, I thought it was good. Well, I didn’t notice until now I wasn’t able to get calls because the Voice app redirects the call to my cell, but not that Hangouts app. Soooooo whoops. smh Went back to the Voice app and fixed it all. I’m glad I did. I see Google finally made the ability to change the colors of the app. Dark or Light. I like dark mode for most of the apps I use now. Eyes are usually tired and it’s helpful. Sort of like me no longer kneading bread, but using the bread machine. One small thing that helps keep me from too much hand pain so I can do other things like crochet.

Totally rambling in this blog so I’ll talk about the book a little bit.

Today Prism had herself an entertaining moment. And as the author, it was entertaining for me too. She was trying to figure out why her “father,” (we’ll quotation mark it because there are still questions on the truth of that and all in her mind) would purposely go out of his way to put her and Gaarn together. More so when it’s been made perfectly clear that Kreeya and Vyoran don’t have any semblance of love for Gaarn. They look down on him, can’t stand the warrior race that he is. He is beneath them and superior all at once, which they don’t like.

Sort of the same way many in your culture, or mine, end up disliking another just because of the difference in culture. Because of a different skin color. Because of a different belief they hold to our own. No, I’m not saying that you or I are like that, but we do know it exists. These two are proving it exists for them. Because of what he is, they look down on him and in many ways can’t stand him. BUT, he is also the mate to Prism. The born mate. The one that in their world, has been decided since birth – this one is for Gaarn/Prism.

In their culture that’s what happens. Or, society? However you want to say it since they all come from different planets, maybe systems. In their world, when one is born, they have a mate created from them. At least this is how it is right now in my head. So in final edits this can change, be aware. But I see them creating the older of the two (most of the time I believe it’s the male, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the female or other), then reserving one tiny snippet of their DNA to use in a future human, creature, etc.

That younger one then is created with just a touch of that mate’s DNA. It’s almost a little like the bible where Eve is created from Adam’s rib. I didn’t plan it that way, but works out similarly. So it’s also like soul mates and twin flames, but deeper because part of the mate’s DNA is inside of the other mate. Not like a family connection, but something to connect them. I’m not on of those Scientists that are in this world so I can’t understand it, but I’m also not done with the story so this may be all fake news. lol

It was there, I had to say it.

Anyhoo. So when the older and newer partner are created they have already been predetermined to be the best genetic match and strength to be paired together. There is a pull between them that cannot be denied, cannot be stopped (hence my comment on soul mate connection and twin flame – it’s like that). Only the pull is to combine, to come together, to mate. I wanna say for the good of the system, lol. I can’t go deeper into that because my brain hasn’t reached that part.

I have only reached the “there is a pull to one another,” stage. Mates are to be together. Period. Prism is learning that because she HAS Nathaniel there on the ship, in her face if she goes down to quarantine where he and Tristan are kept (funny coincidence considering where we are right now in the world, right?), and all she is thinking about is this other male. This one that isn’t like her, isn’t her best friend. This one who she hasn’t been trying to build something with. Her pull is to a practical stranger.

And then today she realized that her “father,” was purposely attempting to place the two of them together. Then as I was writing her reaction to how Gaarn was handling it, I was just carrying on and it hit me at the exact moment that it hit her.

This is what I wrote

“Did not know.”

He was surprising her. On one hand she felt that like Vyoran, he actually did have those ancient values of their species, kind, whatever. Basically that when paired, you were paired. Period. But, he seemed to have an empathy toward her feelings too. It was interesting. Then again, he was also good at reading live things and probably was a strategy for him. If he was a good bounty hunter and all that, he would have to be very good at reading signs and information given. Not that he was playing her. He was—Jesus. He’s hunting me.

Suddenly she couldn’t hold his eye. She shifted so she could break eye contact. That’s what he was doing. Not a game, not playing, no. He had a target. He was making the moves that brought him closer and made the target walk right into the trap he set.

What I enjoyed most is that’s how fun writing can be. Just that realization hitting her of “he’s hunting me,” at the same time that it hit me with how he was treating her? Changed the whole dynamic. I was going . . . this male sure is being compassionate and showing a lot of empathy for her. Might have to fix this. Seems TOO nice almost. Then that hit me today. I have never once considered it before. Now it brings a whole new motivation behind his actions which fit him.

And she gonna have to be careful. lol

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 29,602 words

Current word count as of today – 30,782 words

Total words written since last post – 1,180 words

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