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Busy Bee

Over the weekend (this kinda includes Friday) I’d gotten fed up enough to reset my phone. It keeps shutting down every ten-fifteen minutes when I’m doing something. The app shuts down, not the phone. So I figured the weekend was a good time to do a reset. I’d have the time to get all my apps back online, get everything fixed, and even clear out some information that I didn’t want or need.

On the storage front it did very good. Although it could be that I don’t have as much in my OneDrive (until I switch that email to the Office 365 subscription, I’m limited on space), but still. I’m only using half of the phone’s storage. The rest is on SD card storage. But I had already been using it so I think I got rid of a bunch of default garbage I couldn’t before.

That’s something I’ve noticed. You want something to run faster? Consider a factory reset as soon as you get it. When I got the computer that I’m working on, I didn’t get the discs so was kinda scared about a reset, but I had so many issues once the Win 10 was installed that I went . . . oh well. If it happens, it happens. I know computers well and know enough that I knew I’d be able to fix any issues. I do have an old OS I can install on it too.

But it worked fine. On the hard drive itself is a backup copy of the original files. Not from me. It came that way. Don’t take this as something that is auto for you. Don’t wanna have someone say, “I reset my computer and now it’s a brick!” lol I’m just saying for ME I have noticed this happens. I reset a product back to factory and if it doesn’t have the google lock on it that pops up and prevents you from bypassing it, it will work. I had to bypass that google lock on the tablet I have because my mom didn’t remember what she set it up with so yeah, I had to find a solution.

My main point though was that I noticed when I reset a lot of my products, they work faster. People may say, “well yeah you have junk obviously.” No, lol. I barely install anything on my devices anymore. It’s clearing up junk that was put into the devices from wherever the middle ground was.

The next day I then was like, I’m SO freakin tired of sitting in front of the window and having the sun in my face (produces headaches). So I moved my room. Now I’m sitting on the other side, with my back to the window. No more having to shut the curtain unless the sun gets REALLY bad, but it rarely does at this time of year. Near Fall it moves position and will hit the computer, which is when I move the room about. Preparing for Winter. That way I’m not sleeping near the window.

I’m hoping it helps me stay warmer when I’m working and keeps the sun outta my eyes. Shutting curtain only goes so far and I don’t like having it shut anyway, lol.

I’ve also been researching gravel, sand, and all sorts of substrates, trying to decide if I want to use what I have, or go new. If I used preexisting gravel for a tank, I’d have plenty, and it’d be ready to go. Whenever I put stuff away, I clean it, I dry it, then I bag it in ziploc bags and store. I am anal about that. Like looking at my brother’s 100 gal that he just let dry up. Yugh. That drives me nuts. lol I like having things ready to go and nicely put away, not sitting all junky and gunky. I get it from my dad. Brother gets his cleaning habits from our mom.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 20,473 words

Current word count as of today – 23,511 words

Total words written since last post – 2,237 words

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