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I am gonna do my best to give you a focus outside of the “noise.”

Copying this post from the other day, I saw the mention of my eye. I copy them because it puts that word count stuff below so I don’t have to worry about copying and pasting all that. Helps formatting and all. Takes less time for me to compose them.

My eye has been much better, but it still does feel off and on dry at times. I moisturized it that morning and night when it was really bothering me, but it still is a little iffy. I know if I’m not careful, I may have it bother me more so I’m trying to be. Probably should start to use moisturizing drops at night, or in the morning right now just to be sure I’m taking care of it. But it has been much better.

My mom on the other hand, hasn’t been. Brother and her often deal with nausea lately when they eat certain things. I think they’re learning that their body is changing and won’t accept too much of what they used to eat. I keep having to (as the cook) alter my cooking to reflect it, but I also eat dinner here so most days I don’t want to cook two different meals. Or, three. Call me lazy or selfish, but it’s exhausting. So I will sometimes cook things for me, but they get their grubby little fingers into it, or eat too much of that particular dish, then get sick. In their brains, they’ll be fine, but their body is letting them know, nope.

So learning what meals to cook, how to cook them, what I can cook, it has been . . . interesting. Read: exhausting at times. Grease of any kind (even just too much butter in a dish – real butter) can be too much. I can’t use too much salt – brother has a heart issue. Can’t use too much “sugary” stuff no matter what – they both have type 2 diabetes. They both have their preferences for vegetables and fruit. And let’s not forget the cook herself. Most of what I eat tends to be simple foods, little meals. If I could afford one of those places that send prepared meals out, oh I would be jumping on that for myself, lol. Or all of us if I could afford that.

To the title of this post. I’m trying my best to be fairly active on here, and on social networks to give a break from the “noise,” if you pop online, or here. Well, I’m always checking in on my site, no matter what. Hopefully I won’t be too busy to keep it up. But on my Facebook page, I am posting random things, as well as attempting to do Questions of the Day again. Same with Twitter and Instagram if you prefer those. That way if you’re about, you can have a break from the noise. There’s only so much you can hear of “it,” before it drives you mad if you’re like me. There’s information and then there is noise. Noise I get annoyed with.

Noise is also a distraction.

Today’s numbers for Creations of the Galaxy.

Words at last post – 18,086 words

Current word count as of today – 19,941 words

Total words written since last post – 1,855

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