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Flash (rare) eBook sale

This will apply to any published book. If the book isn’t published, it doesn’t apply. This doesn’t apply to “soon to be published,” books either. Only what is published right this instant. This doesn’t apply to paperbacks. One day those may be included, but for now? I just don’t make enough. Deal goes from now until March 31, 2020.

I don’t market to teens or children, but I don’t limit that either. So if you’re a parent and wondering if you could get one for them, know that I would not advise giving ANY of my books to that age group unless they’re used to adult situations and swearing, or unless you read it first and approve/disapprove. I also don’t limit. When I was a kid (seriously, I was young when I started), I read erotica, Stephen King, watched horror movies (gore type back then, not so much now) so I can’t tell you what to do with your book and kids and never would, but know that I don’t write my books with teens in mind, only adults. There is swearing, there is adult situations, in some there can be mild gore, horror. I don’t purposely set out to be “controversial,” or write characters like that. I write like Stephen King – characters. And they are very real people in that way. Whatever happens, happens for the most part.

I’ll put this one at the very beginning so you know that my first priority is this – if you can’t afford any new purchases, you’re struggling financially, or you just can’t BUY anything right now I will gift you the item FREE. No conditions, no expectations of reviews or anything else.

So again – if you can’t afford this sale and want to take advantage during this period to have a new book to read I will GIVE you the book for free. I don’t want you to support these piracy sites. I don’t want you to EVER risk infecting your devices with their crap they may have on the sites.

If you want to gift the copy you get from me to a friend? Up to you after you get it.

So here’s the deal.

Any Novel – $1
Any published series in full – $2
Short stories, Novelette, or Novella – 2 for $1

To anyone who wants a new book and can’t afford any of that? $0 as mentioned above. I’d rather give you something new to read than force you to worry over a dollar. I know all too well how that goes. And we don’t want to support those piracy sites.

If you’d rather offer me support, then a one dollar donation below at Patreon can be hugely beneficial to me as this is my sole income. For cost of this site, for food for my dogs, their meds, etc. That’s mainly where my money goes right now, but I am saving up for a few home improvement needs too. Like a new washer! Big spendah, just sayin.

Just email me at and in the subject line use, “flash sale.” Then tell me what book(s) you want. You can peruse all for sale here –

ETA – because I forgot, lol. When I get the email, I will invoice you the cost of whatever it is through PayPal. When you email me, if it’s an entire series for $2, or the two shorts, just let me know. I may have a lot of things going on and not realize which offer you’re taking advantage of if it’s more than one. Same with you not being able to afford it. Don’t feel bad about saying, “I’m taking advantage of the free offer for any book(s).” Trust me I won’t judge you, I’m happy that I can bring you some reading pleasure!

You’ll know at a glance if the book is for sale by the date/caption beneath the cover. If there isn’t one? It’s not published. That way you don’t have to click them all.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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