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Beyond tired today

Not gonna bother to have the word count below. I think I managed a couple, that was it. I mean a literal couple. When I went to bed last night I discovered a nice wet spot where I lay. I had mistakenly left the gate to my room open just a minute too long and Kendra decided that was a great place to go.

Because of Mila’s incontinence, I finally just ended up placing some plastic between my top cover and the comforter that I use for the Winter so that all I have to do is grab the top cover and wash it. I don’t have to worry over her piddling all over the covers and such. As I work out what is the best method to cut back on it, or make it go away completely, I just figured using that plastic would be the best. She likes to lay on the bed during the day and I have no issues. The new food I switched them to on purpose for the lesser protein aspects (they say that can sometimes help the kidneys, and older dogs might do better with lower protein diets too) has been a huge help. I chose it because it has flaxseed which is another big one that helps.

Fish oil is in it, but I never noticed that have any kind of an impact on their hair or anything it should. I’ve done fish oil a lot before finding that flaxseed is a good alternative.

Most advise waiting to spay the large breeds, but I am apparently the rare one whose dog it did not benefit. We waited for her on the advice of others and breeders, and the vet. Fail. But as I said, the food I have them on seems to be helping her. She gets her moments, but they aren’t daily. BUT if she has a little wetting, middle of the day seems to be it. Like right now, which is 2pm. Around there. Or, around maybe 5-6pm? I try to have her go out around those times, but doesn’t always help. Also, she likes to distract herself and not use the bathroom unless I watch and make sure she does. can’t always do that.

Kendra however, has no incontinence issue. Her issue is . . . attitude. We have her on a calming pill for her anxiety, but if left alone with access to our bed, she has a very bad habit (sometimes she’ll do it to Mila’s bed too) of wetting the bed RIGHT where we lay. Doesn’t usually do it somewhere else. She does it almost in response to getting in trouble, to establishing her “power,” if you will. Been a lot better on the calming pills, but she too has her moments. Only . . . the plastic doesn’t cover that far up the bed because Mila lays at the foot of the bed. I have no reason to have plastic ALL over my darn bed. I really need to just get a piddle pad, but I think most are designed for covering a mattress and I’m putting it between my top cover and comforter. If you have cheap suggestions I’m open to it.

So yeah, she piddled near where I sleep. Did the best I could, but I was exhausted so I just laid a blanket and towel down and passed out. That’s how tired you know you are. *covers* okay, good enough. Oh, but it still smells. Blech. Been washing all my stuff this morning and afternoon. Been too tired from not being able to sleep well thanks to stinky.

Then on top of it, today is a “not as good,” of day for my mom so she’s been coughing pretty good and asking me to make her lunch and such. Haven’t been able to get my brain to focus well. It’s already 2 pm and I only usually work until 4 pm.

On a completely different note, I’ve been thinking more about more about setting up my aquarium again. The last time I was really serious about it was when I had my discus, Serenity. I found these images below that I’d taken of her. I’m gonna see if I can find more shots I took of her or her tank. When she passed, I finally gave up the interest in aquariums. I’d had her for almost ten years (brother had her before me, but his male kept trying to kill her so it was either I try to revive her or brother would’ve let the male do whatever) and it was just one of those moments. The passion just went meh.

2009 is when these pictures were taken, so I obviously had her from before that time. I’d had a parakeet around 2010 or 2011 and I don’t think I had the bird when I had the fish. Cage and tank were used on the same dresser. That’s where my thinking came in.

Anyhoo. Totally random life update and such. I gotta edit. 3 pm here now and I’ve been interrupted again and again. lol So I gotta get some editing done before I’m interrupted again.

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