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Found this incredible artist on Instagram

This morning I decided to peruse the “explore” tab on Instagram. Rarely do it anymore, but I had some free time so I did. Found this incredible artist who made a post a few days ago of the near perfect replica that is in my head. It’s for my [male] main character.

I had to look at it, then come back to it, and check again. I was going . . . yup. That is creepily close to what I imagined in my head, which stemmed from a dream and what I saw THERE. In the dream his horn was singular and near forehead, or top of head. Hard to remember the exacts at this point. Still, I was going . . . that is weird. lol

Fantastic artwork too. Artists who can do things of this nature are amazing.

My main isn’t a on animal mind you, but DNA manipulation where he ends up looking more animalistic than human. He is of the “warrior race,” so they didn’t go for beauty, they went for function. They being the people who created and the people who wanted to purchase said creations. Creations that were/are meant to attack, guard, hunt.

Hence the title of the book becomes CREATIONS OF THE GALAXY. Galaxy may be in the company name where they’re created, not just be from what it generally means, which will also be a reason. The Guardian of Life series takes place (a lot of it) in space and different galaxies, planets.

That artist has a lot of other incredible images so I followed him/her, and if you like that sort of thing, I’d suggest it too.

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