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Random house plant note

Did you know that wandering jew loves to grow in water? Watch all those who knew that now comment, “dduuhhhhh.” I have two different planters in front of my window. Since my mom had the windows upgraded years and years ago, we lost our windowsills. Maybe by half. So it limits the size of planter I can use in the windowsill unless I build a shelf, and that would extend out so the curtain catches. In my room? Not an interest for me.

BUT, what does fit well are small glass candle holders that I no longer have the wax in. As well as small cups. I also have a hanging planter in front of my window (usually shows in most of my pictures) that I have some wandering jew in. The plant does super well if I can remember to keep the dirt fairly moist, but doesn’t really like the planter. Although reading the link below makes sense. The planter plant is fairly old at this point, whereas the cuttings aren’t.

Years ago I was curious if it would work well as a house plant. Didn’t know it did fine. If I don’t stay on top of the vines though, they do creep very well. Within no time I’m gonna have a vine down the side of the planter and in my face if I don’t keep cutting it back. So I thought I would root it with water as I do MOST of my plants. Get me a dozen roses, I stick them in water and root them so I can turn them into a plant. I stick anything and everything in cups of water to test for myself how well each will root with nothing else. I’ve started many a plant that way. Especially roses. Some I’ve even found do really well in water. Devil’s Ivy for one. Draceana for another. It’s not going to make a full plant, just be aware of that. Most plants do still need to actually GROW in dirt to be good.

But the wandering jew has been surprising me. It not only roots in the water well, but it has been taking on a life of its own and growing like crazy if I have it sitting in the window. The plant doesn’t like sitting off to the side in a shaded area, but it loves the full sun my window gets. Nothing is added in the water either. Just regular tap water in a cup. The leaves are vibrant, healthy, thick, and the plant keeps growing so fast I have to trim it back. Faster than in the dirt pot. But then it’s getting tons of water in a cup versus the dirt.

I clean the water once a month or so. Some plants that grow in water like my devil’s ivy, I change the water more frequently because it gets dirty quickly. If you like to play with things like that, it’s the main reason for me mentioning it. Also, I like to mention those very odd random things. I also like to turn the cup whenever I think about it. Could be once a week, or twice a week. That way each side is getting a fairly equal amount of sunshine, no side is getting too much. I’ll see if I can take a shot of one of my newer cups. Gotta change the water in it. Leaves are starting to get that silver sparkle that I love. And yes, if you’ve never seen the plant the leaves actually look like they have a dusting of silver glitter on them when it’s healthy and growing well. It’s beautiful.

Ignore the phone charger sticking out of the drawer, lol. Like a wee lil snake gonna get ya.

Here’s some good information on the plant, and this quote I liked. I agree with it. Doesn’t like sogginess in dirt, loves the water.

“Even though these plants hate soggy feet in their pots, they love rooting in water. A dozen shoots placed in a glass of water in a sunny window will produce roots in no time.”

Read more at Gardening Know How: Growing Wandering Jew Plants – How To Grow Wandering Jew Plants

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