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By clear favored choice

The title for the next book I write is going to be Creations of the Galaxy. For those who offered me the time with your thoughts, a click on the voting, or which you favored on the posts, I sincerely appreciate it. That you gave me that moment of your time.

The best part is that it was the original idea for the title. I heard it in my head, and instantly went yup that one works. But then from the Galaxy came to mind and I started to overthink. I should just learn to trust that initial instinct, but there are still plenty where I decide it best to poll. Gives me that peace of mind. I think half my titles I’ve polled so you are a huge help.

This week is all about figuring out ideas, jotting things down, asking questions to not outright plan the story as I still work best pantsing, but just drop a few lil trail markers so that if I begin to lose my way or wonder about something, oh look up ahead! I see the marker. So once I turn right, I can begin to explore again.

Here is the cover for the new book. First glance for you guys.

Below is the lineup for the entire world. This story isn’t part of the main arc, but it is in that world. As my lead male happens to have come across Stone while he did time on A’nosi Prime (planet).

I will make a page for it around the end of this month or next when I have a better idea of the story to make a page, lol. Otherwise it’d just be a cover, nothing more.

The main theme (rarely have these) will be – how far would two individuals go to have a child?

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