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Taking it easy this weekend

Why? I can feel the first stage of burnout happening. Currently just in the warning phase. Take it easy or uh oh. I pushed myself two weeks ago to get the file out for Law of the Beast, to my editor by Friday. Then last week I pushed myself to finish writing Scorched Silence.

Didn’t sleep well last night so that didn’t help. Think stress began to build up too. This is why it’s vital to take care of ourselves. Stuff started to compile very quickly last night so that contributed. Then today I was dealing with someone who’d been in my inbox once more, not gathering that when I say I’m not the Kim Iversen who does radio (notice the spelling I even pointed out), I’m not playing around and lying. I’ve been deleting and deleting and deleting the messages, then got fed up and once more directed them to her website.

I get in my email this morning the same they did on Instagram. That they had no idea what I was trying to imply. No skin off their back essentially, but making it seem I was lying. Two things that irritate me most. Not being listened to (my family doesn’t, and they forget what I say a lot so I deal with it daily), and someone thinking I am lying. More so when I go to great lengths to be a person whose character (I’d hope) can be trusted and believed in.

Can’t block the email because they use my contact form so it’d block WordPress. Filters in my email don’t work either. Blocked them on Instagram. Blocked their email from commenting on this site. I think I will remove my contact form for a bit because I’m truly tired of having to delete messages that are only for the Kim Iversen radio show. That’s the only mail I’ve been receiving through my contact form for the past year. I even told that individual it was why I’ve been changing my display name to my full name. Still didn’t get the hint. Frustrating.

The problem with those type of individuals is that I try to be accessible to people who may actually be a reader of mine, but those types make me truly want to shrink back away from the internet and keep people from contacting me. Just gets old and tiresome. As a teen, and throughout my early twenties and mid twenties I dealt FAR too much with people going around trashing my reputation just because they didn’t like me, wanted to look good in front of their friends, wanted to make themselves feel better. I know what that is like, and that was before the internet. They spread false things, people rarely believed my word against theirs. I already know how that feels to deal with, and it’s not fun.

I do worry sometimes about my safety too though because with people getting confused over the two of us and her commentary on politics, there’s always a chance someone can confuse the two of us. They can get angry and retaliate. I have had stalkers. So many I lost count. I have dealt with that sort of harassment and worse, so I don’t wish it on her, but I also don’t want to deal with people like that confusing the two of us over something she says and they think that it is me. Then they retaliate against me. More so when she is probably far more equipped to handle it than I am too. She has a large following who has her back. Me not so much.

So I think I just need to give myself a break and turn off my contact form for a while. Hopefully you will understand. People have comments, they have socials. I can block people on those who don’t get the point and continue to harass and message me.

Now this weekend is strictly about being lazy and playing Sims 4. And Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War mobile game, lol. If you want to check that out, lemme know. The Pirates game I mean. It’s a mobile game. Here is the Googe Play Link – I’m sure it’s on Apple too.

You’re welcome to join and play in my alliance. My brother handed it over since he grew tired of it. I don’t take it as seriously as some do. I level and strengthen my stuff, attack here and there, hunt monsters, log in often, but I am not one of those people who want to be top 1 or anything. So if you worry over that and have played games like this before, who demand that sort of thing, I’m not that way. I’m a casual player. Or, middle ground I suppose. I care, just not to that point. I like people being active because it helps everyone else in the alliance, but I’m not going to be all, log in every five minutes and chat, attack everyone! I’ve been in those top alliances in other games (Mobile Strike) and meh. I don’t have those sorts of rules, or energy to be that way to others.

If you are interested, like the movie, want to check out what a mobile game is like, whatever. It’s fun. Feel free to download the game, install it. Follow the tutorial to get you to a 3 fortress or so (stay at 5 or lower so you can switch servers). Then comment below and I will tell you how to get to my server and find me.

Lazy girl commencing in five . . . four . . . three . . .

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