Creations of the Galaxy Law of the Beast Scorched Silence

Finished writing Scorched Silence

Yesterday I posted a poll (which I find now I have to manually check for the results, lol) for which title grabs you most. You can see the post here if you wanna add a click to which you like more – So far it seems to be Creations OF the Galaxy as the favorite (tallying from all places, not just that one). But I still need more random folks so if you want to pop over there, or just tell me below, I’d super duper appreciate it.

This isn’t anything more than me getting the idea of what grabs attention more. Not spam you’ll sign up for, nothing but your opinion given. 🙂

Since I finished writing Scorched Silence that means next week I will be playing with more ideas on the next story I will write. I already know what it is (the one I’m titling), I already have the cover that I will premier next week. So everything is all set. Gonna give my brain at least a week off before I begin writing it.

Scorched Silence ended at 100,744 words.

I’ve been trying out one month as a break between stories, but I think this time I’ll go one week. Noticed how hard it was to get back into writing with one month, but I’d like a break and a transition period so my brain can release all the details from the other project. We’ll see how this one works out. Doing it with only one week of a break in between I mean.

Also got Law of the Beast back from my editor so I can begin editing that on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting! P.S. I'm NOT the radio Kim.

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