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Which title grabs you most?

So I’ve been overthinking myself. Which is when I go to you. As usual, you can vote in this no matter who you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re a reader, a friend, or what. The whole purpose of a title is to grab attention.

So? Which title would you grab and wonder . . . what is this about?

I considered not even allowing the votes to be shown because I don’t like to have it alter a thought so I ask that you not view them until after you’ve chosen. There isn’t a right and wrong to this. It’s just one question for anyone who can offer a click of the mouse. Which one? A or B? No reasoning.

If you’d LIKE to tell me why you chose that one, leave it below in the comments. Sometimes it can help fuel me, especially if there is a very close vote on a favorite.

When I finalize the title, I’ll share the cover. I have a cover for both right now. Love how it turned out. Works perfectly for the entire Guardian of Life series. The best part is the hint of green-ish hue to the cover. Why? When I was making the covers for that series, I wanted to do one with a green-ish hue. My brain has been slowly attracting it in.

As for updates. I had hoped to finish Scorched Silence today, but I’ve been adding more scenes and details than I thought I may at this point. I’m happy with how it’s turning out actually. Almost at 100K words. I usually don’t go near that, especially in writing so I will be interested in seeing if it ends up going over, staying that, or dropping in edits. We will see. Might finish it tomorrow instead.

My editor said she should have Law of the Beast back to me tomorrow so on Monday I will begin work on it. That’ll be the next stage, which is the deepest edits I do. Also, since this book and Witness to the Moon are a crossover 3D for many of the scenes, I need to go through and make sure the conversations all match up well. Ky’s side will have more in some places, but I don’t want to alienate a reader with a total change from one conversation to another. Otherwise that isn’t a 3D scene, lol. It’s two different ones.

I’m calling them 3D scenes because if you put both together, the scenes overlap and you get a POV from all sides of the scene. Say, if the scene is one between Ky and Mila, but Stefan is there, then putting them all together you can get Ky’s POV on her side of the story, but also what Mila is thinking and feeling on hers. I wouldn’t put it past a very dedicated reader to actually have both books side by side to see how they match up. That’d be interesting. I will have to do it myself to make sure the conversations match, as I just said above.

I could see myself doing that to test the author I was reading. Like ohhhhhh lemme see if they got it all right! When in reality, as I also mentioned I WILL probably have a few more sentences here and there on Ky’s side. There is one part that comes to mind immediately for when she first meets Stefan face-to-face. She hangs out with Stefan before Verrick comes home.

So in Ky’s storyline as that part IS more important to her scene, she will have a few more secntences and details inside of her story. Whereas in Mila’s story, Stefan hanging out with Kylarra before Verrick comes home? Holds nothing important to MILA’s story. Which is the main character. Stefan is a supporting and Ky supporting down the line. Like a 3rd supporting character to the main story for Mila. So I have zero reason to add extra in that scene between Kylarra and Stefan when it’s not Ky’s story. But it IS important to Ky’s because it establishes her feelings for Stefan and the bond that is built between those two, even if it’s just a minor one.

It also establishes Stefan’s reactions and thoughts toward Ky for when we come back to Mila’s storyline in the final series, Eternal Souls Universe. That one is when they all meet up. Mila’s POV will be the main focus in the second book (she comes into the first book too), Discovery of an Enchantress. So having had Stefan meet Ky and establish some thoughts privately toward her, it’ll be for his benefit later on, but again, not a main benefit for Mila in her series so no reason to show in Mila’s side.

Does that all make sense? Hopefully so. If you end up reading the story, maybe that will make more sense. I’ll link this post to my comments on their pages about the 3D scenes. That way this explains a bit more to readers who check out the page and see that mention.

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