Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


I feel for Kora ya know?

Here she is, wanting desperately to leave where she is, and it feels as if every time she finds her footing something drags her back down. I’m sure we’ve all felt that way. Not necessarily because we wanted to leave where we were (maybe we just needed a break from what we were dealing with), but we felt as if we finally managed to find solid ground, things were beginning to roll again, and then


Floor is stripped from beneath us, we’re tumbling, don’t know which way is up, then we’re once more clawing for a grip to find that solid ground once more.

Deep breath.

Here, she’s found that moment. She thinks, okay I can let my guard down, I’ll never see Jonah again. Things are going well, I can relax, start building my life up. But. But this isn’t that sort of world. For one thing, it’s a world where every day we don’t know if a draachen (pronounced dray-kin – essentially a dragon) is gonna come round and blow everything up. Gonna fly past our house and *poof*

There goes everything.

Now we gotta rebuild the house.

So on one hand, that’s the world she resides in. For her, they are far more than “animals to destroy,” of course. I say of course like you know the story when you don’t, lol. So take my word for that. But, on the other hand the world she resides in is made of cards. If you don’t know the saying, it’s a house of cards. Breathe and it goes down. Where she is right now as I write this, is a house of cards. It feels like she’s made a home. It feels to her like she might finally have that chance to breathe and relax.

But she doesn’t.

I can’t go into details too much or I may spoil the story, but then people may not wanna read my blogs if they don’t ever want to know anything as I don’t care about spoilers. I try to avoid them so you’ll read the book, and to be fair, but I won’t go out of my way to provide – spoiler alert! warnings.

So read at your own risk. Most readers are like the authors they read though so if you’re a reader of mine, you don’t mind that much either and a spoiler actually makes me wanna check things out at times. So there’s that.

Anyway, Kora’s struggling with (as mentioned previously – her decision. It looks like for the immediate future, she may not be going anywhere. Jonah has thrown a nice large lump in her plans. How so? He kissed her. lol Poor Kora had this idea of him wanting to kill her and I think even he wanted to. Then . . . he got close to her and no matter how much we hate someone, when there is an attraction there? Can’t be denied.

We can hate them, be angry with them, on and on, but their hate came from hurt, disappointment, fear, and so many other things that we forget has to be allowed. It has to be worked through. It has to a lot of things. And they went through something before that as hard as they deny it, meant something to BOTH of them.

Now we get to see? If they’ll admit it to themselves. We shall see.

Today’s numbers for Scorched Silence.

Words at last post – 82,428 words

Current word count as of today – 85,932 words

Total words written since last post – 3,504

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