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Got Into The Midst formatted

So I’ve been working on getting it uploaded this morning and afternoon. Kept having to fix small things that I’d missed again and again. Just title fixes in my lists of books. Then the links to my Facebook page. Changed it to For whatever reason I got a massive dose of deja vu writing that out, lol. I saw a glimpse of a dream I’d had, but that link? Weird.

So now as the sites upload to the retailers (digital), you’ll be able to find it.

I’ve added the link to the page for the book – Also got the first copy sent out this morning to the one I’d told I would. So now you’ll be able to buy it in digital and paperback. Right now only a few sites have it up, in case you’re going, where’s my favorite store? Check back. Or, as it says on all book pages, manually search it on that retailers site. I’m not sure if ALL retailers always show on that books 2 read link. I’d imagine not.

Didn’t get any writing in because of it though, but that’s all right. Tomorrow I will.

Over the weekend though, I’ve been playing with a new story idea that will tie into the Gaurdian of Life series. Going to have to add that one to my things to do, and make a page and trailer for it. I’ve wanted to go back into that world and I think this one will tie in perfectly. It’s not part of the main story line. Not at all. The fours books currently in the series are all there is to the main story arc. This is just in that WORLD. Meaning Jack, Stone, Jeremiah, Ellie, Claude, and the like might have a mention. Just one of them, a couple, who knows. But a mention is what they’ll get, no more. Already have the idea that the main lead most likely spent time on A’nosi Prime and that happened to be where Stone was, and Jeremiah and Jack escaped from.

The four books in the Guardian of Life series are:

  1. Hope of the Future
  2. Daughter of the Red Planet
  3. Ancient Scars
  4. Under Empty Stars

I might try to figure out a title for it soon and even play with cover ideas. Been finding that to be a bit of fun and the titles and covers tend to help me figure out the story. But then this one has been taking off all on its own. As I told my editor, it came from a dream I had. From there, it’s really been taking hold. It MAY end up being the next I write if this keeps up. That’s how much of a hold it’s had on me. I’m fascinated with the idea.

The main sentence for it in my head is – how far would two people go if they wanted a child and couldn’t have one?

I usually don’t have sentence ideas like that. I can only think of the Alchemist series having one – a female Jekyl and Hyde tale, but with a twist. I know there is another, but I can’t think of it suddenly, lol. Just went buh bye.

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