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Formatting Into The Midst

This weekend, I am formatting Into the Midst for digital publishing. Been thinking about doing it as one of the updates since I’ve had it exclusive to paperback for quite a bit. Had someone ask for it in my latest newsletter when I sent out my special offer so I figured I’d bump it up to the top of my “updating,” list. They’ll be getting the first copy before it’s available to buy online.

Still working on getting all the first chapters for all my books updated, and a few other things that my brain doesn’t want to remember, lol. BUT I was able to get my upgrade for the desktop yesterday thanks to my lovely readers and the sales I’ve been having for the past few months. Got it installed yesterday within 15 minutes, no hitches whatsoever. If you’re looking for a quality site, I used Data Memory Systems. Cheapest place I could find for the memory I had to buy. So to my readers, thank you for the sales. Now I can work easier on the desktop without so much frustration.

I’m saving up for a new washer and a few other new house items too that are a bit more expensive so as sales go up, that’s where my funds go, and why I work so hard. Same with things for my dogs. Not a new car. Not a new outfit. Important house upgrades. I know! I’m a huge money spender on frivolous things. It’s funny that when we get older those basic things are far more important than anything else. Maybe I should say wiser, or more mature? Cause there are plenty who are in their fifties and sixties and are just fine living like a teenager.

I think my most frivolous item I want to get? Mobile groomer for the dogs. I dealt with the one around here back when I was a Nanny. He was awesome. The family had cats that he came out to do. He’d come by, plug into the house, come in to get the cats, be done, and gone. Very nice man. Shih Tzus require near daily grooming so I totally want to spoil them with something like a weekly session, lol. It just is a lot of work for me to constantly maintain them on my own. I’d love to be able to afford that sort of special treatment for them. Well, and Mila. It’s just that Dobermans are a lower maintenance in that way.

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