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Random updates to note

So I guess I’m very late to the Harry Styles train. Also, see: old so I don’t typically seek out the younger groups. But, I heard this song recently and it got added to my DMDU playlist on YouTube, as well as Spotify. I think it really fits Verrick and Kylarra’s story line. But I do have to say, he has some powerful vocals too.

Life has a lovely way of getting in the middle of writers and their work, no matter how hard we try to avoid that. Byproduct of working at home, really. Our dryer went kaput and we’re thinking it’s the thermal fuse that needs to get replaced, but I have to get TO the place with the fuse to replace it. Not as easy as a much older model would be. So that’s been time-consuming to look up and deal with how to get to it, then the part I need. No real importance to mentioning, just to share. : p

I am actually nearing the end of inputting changes from Law of the Beast physical to digital. Then I’ll do a word search for a few of the ones that take the longest as I did it with the last book and thought it helped a lot with my editing for the next round. And when I say helped, I mean lessen the time I was going over it the next time. I’ve worked out my own personal system, along with my editor, for going over the book in stages. I describe that in the post I wrote – my editing process –

Many might assume that means a thorough edit, but it doesn’t. And since I can keep a steady stream of publishing a book (shorts are included in that statement) every 3 months (unless life happens and slows one down, or I need a mental break), I’d say it’s doing well for me. Focus point: for me. Not everyone will agree and that’s totally fine. My brain gets the chance to zero in on exactly what I need to work with, and work on. So it speeds up the process, while keeping the quality of my edits high. Same reason my editor goes through it two separate times. Each is a different method of editing. The first round has become fairly quick for her since I don’t usually have major story issues to fix. I’m getting pretty decent at catching them myself.

Oh! I remembered another thing I was gonna mention that was completely random. Are you a fan of the monster movies of old? As in, Godzilla and King Kong? I love the way they’re redoing them. Most movies I’m all, STOP remaking them! But I can’t help it. We don’t have as many good “monster” movies these days so I’m gonna take any and all I can get. Especially King Kong and Godzilla. lol

I watched the new one that just got posted, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Loved it as much as the first. I noted all the mentions of Skull Island and then the last clips showing not only mister baddy and the monster head he purchased (no spoilers) but the cave painting of Kong and Godzilla so is that the next out? *rubs hands together excitedly* I totally fan girl out over these movies. I’d love to see them recreate Jurassic Park some day. Just because of the digital creations and all that. I love dinosaur movies in general so anything along the monster lines, I’m all for. Dragons too. I LOVED “Project Zero.” I can imagine my draachen in Scorched Silence to have that sort of head. That’d be cool to imagine.

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