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Updated a few more pages

Very glad I’m doing this. As I told my editor, I discovered that I hadn’t even uploaded a chapter one for Under Empty Stars. If you saw the two recent posts I did, I got those up, and even included a free read of chapter two (not something I do typically for the novels) because of that mistake. So you can read chapter one ( and at the bottom I have two up as well and linked so you can just continue on.

I also discovered most of my book pages didn’t have comments on. Not sure how I missed that, but that’s a little rude not to have those available to you in case you wanted to leave one, huh? When some had them available, but not others. Also, one a few of the pages they still had a notice to “preorder now!” and erm, the books have been available for a few years. This is why it’s good to go over things once in a while, lol.

So the pages I now have updated are (not in order):

I still have 6 more to update, and I’ll probably go through and update all the first chapters to make sure those aren’t a mess, and that I have them up for all the novels. Shorts I will sometimes add an excerpt to the page itself, unless it’s so short that I’m basically giving away half the story. Then I no give no free excerpts.

Today’s plan is to get a bunch of Law of the Beast edits inputted. Since I updated all those pages over the weekend, I will focus more on the editing today. Only got a few hundred written into Scorched Silence so I’m not gonna waste the time to calculate and include that below. And yeah, eventually I’ll stop including the newsletter subscribe on EVERY blog post, or the majority. I’m just doing it right now because I’m just doing a major push. Same reason I’m doing it on socials. Also to get folks to add me to safe senders and ensure they check the spam occasionally IF they’re on it. 🙂

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