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Sitting behind closed curtains

I actually am, lol. It’s so freakin sunny today and right now my furniture faces the window so the sun is RIGHT in my face. I just shut the curtain. Too bright. I love it though. So happy to see bright blue skies.

My keyboard play has migrated to stealing my brother’s keyboard and trying that one out. He doesn’t use it, don’t look at me like that. : p My right as a lil sister to steal. I cleaned it and it’s all shiny and pretty too. Who knew it was so pretty?! Anyway, I looked it up online and I can’t believe it’s actually still worth about $30 or so depending on where it’s purchased. It’s a super old Gateway keyboard. They keys are soft to press and a more traditional style, but have a kinda squishy texture when pressed so it’s been easy on my fingers. I elevated it slightly more today to see if there was a difference.

I wrote nearly 2K words. If that keeps up, this may be a keeper. I am familiar with this one because I used to play on his computer back in the day so that may affect how I feel to use it. When I say back in the day, we’re talking 15 yrs minimum, then some. So yeah, back in the day.

The story was flowing very well today so that made me quite happy. I was glad to write so well considering that since starting Scorched Silence it’s been puttering along. It’s not that I don’t like it, or anything. It’s that this is a story I wrote long ago and I took the notes, premise, etc., and am rewriting it with essentially a new story, but some of the details are borrowed. Like the characters, only one name was kept while others were changed. The looks of many were changed. I didn’t like how I did the original story. My “inspiration,” for the story I told wasn’t as original as it should’ve been so I pulled it long ago and now decided to rework it. Inspiration should be inspiration, nothing more.

So now it’s flowing well and many of the details that I placed into the second book (already written, most likely won’t be rewritten, but it will be heavily edited) are fitting perfectly. I’ve heightened and added detailing to this one that will make much more sense when read in the second too.

We’re finally getting rid of the snow. Every day we’ve had snow fall since that last picture I shared. Yesterday it came down pretty thick and heavy so it neared around 6 inches again, but it was fairly warm and wet, so today a lot of it is melting off. I’m glad of that. Cleared the back porch today too while Mila helped. She was enjoying it until I dumped a shovel full on her. lol From then on she refused to help as close. Goober. Loves when I throw her snowballs though.

I managed to get a few more pages updated on here. I did Scorched Silence, Mr. Finkle’s Grave Error, Her Soul’s Destiny. I have 23 more. I’ll list them all perhaps later on. Or on my home page so I know what I still have to do and if you’re curious, you’ll have it. MAYBE. That’s a lot to write down.

On my new YouTube channel I have a few more videos up. I try to do a couple right now because there are so many on there, and on the other channel I’m merging to it. I really want to have them all on one, but have to do them manually so I get all my settings and information correct. Otherwise I’d do a mass download. So it’s time consuming, but I’m glad I finally am doing so.

Also went through and reactivated the socials, but again, I probably won’t be any more active than I’ve been. At least now I don’t have to worry over Twitter deleting the profile. Got tired of marking a date to check Twitter and reactivate, then deactivate. They give 30 days. If you’re inactive after that, they delete.

My socials.

Today’s numbers for Scorched Silence.

Words at last post – 69,624 words

Ended today with – 73,523 words

Total words written since last post – 3,899

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