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Been forgetting to mention this

So I thought I would take a quick moment to. I’d posted about this recently in this post – – and I wanted to let you guys know that Holly Lisle has opened the doors to her course, How to Write a Novel, and they are permanently open. If you have signed up for the release updates you’ll find out that she has a lot of fun things going on right now if you purchase the course by the end of this month. I’m not gonna mention them here since it’s for her mailing list (sign up on it and you’ll get that information, I imagine she’ll resend the information soon).

I know, this is short, and I’m terrible for not linking you to her list as well, but she’s got so much fun stuff to peruse on her site that I think it’s beyond worth it to make you search and find all that fun stuff. Remember that on the other post, there is an affiliate link that can help me earn me $$ if you decide to buy the course that I would seriously appreciate, but that’s up to you. That doesn’t affect the price you’d have to pay or cost you anything more than a click. So if interested, there is that.

Also, I have been going through and updating a lot of my backlog that gets behind when I get going with my writing and editing. I was hoping to have it all done by now, but might take me another week. The reason I’m trying to finish it all is because when I start to get going on the editing and working? I become like a freight train. Single focus on the rails, and going fast, so things get behind and my time allowances aren’t for “catching up,” they’re usually for emergencies with the house and dogs. So I’m attempting to get all of that done. Hence the silence here, my socials being deactivated (I may reactivate in a month, but not sure if I’ll be any more active than I am right now), and the like. I have been doing some writing and editing, it’s just not the full on vroom and get outta her way(!) stuff.

I also set up my desktop computer so I could work with it, so been trying out different keyboard we’ve had. Right now it’s the default that came with the computer. Don’t know if you’re the same, but when keyboards hiccup and don’t type well, or the keys are too big (I have fairly small hands like my dad had, lol) my hands can get tired, or it’s harder to type. I type fairly fast so having the keyboard keep up is important for me. I need responsiveness or my brain starts to malfunction, my hands hurt, etc. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

Hoping soon to get the upgraded RAM so that it works faster for me. It’s fast on its own, but it’s only 4GB Ram so it tends to hiccup well if I’m working on paperbacks and covers and I really don’t want to worry over that. It’s only $26 or so to get the 8GB Ram to upgrade it (highest it can go) so soon I can get that (hoping).

Anyway, mostly wanted to check in to let you know of that course opening in case you’d seen the post and were waiting for news from me, and not on her list. Or both, and have missed the updates. 🙂

I’ll update more on the books near the end of January I think. I keep working on the newsletter in the spare time, updating the information with what I’m up to. So I will have information to share that I’m saving. If you wanna sign up, do so below. I updated the confirmation email to include information I hope you’ll take the time to read, and anyone else or they may find themselves removed a year from now if they don’t interact. I’m not playing into the quantity signups anymore. I prefer quality. Also because it hurts me as an account holder and I’m not playing with accounts potentially getting shut down anymore.

Hope you’re having a great beginning of the year. My older brother’s birthday (43) is tomorrow too. So I’ve had my hands full with holidays, and then getting all that cleaned up. He bought fish sticks for dinner tonight, then stuff for homemade birthday cake so I’ll be getting that cooked tonight. Washed Lucy (one of our dogs and his “little girl”) today so she’d be a present too. All clean and fluffy girl. She wasn’t too happy about the toothbrush (new! lol) being used to clean the gunk along her nose from her dry eye issue. It gunks up and gets really dirty, really quickly. Her being a tomboy isn’t too helpful either, haha.

Earlier last year is when I took this pic. This is the child in question, lol.

Also been dumping a whole ton of junk from my old files, accounts, drawers, and more. So a nice cleanse. Got most of it done at this point so I’m gearing up to begin the freight train writer girl again. Oh! Also did a whole site redesign. I’m cleaning up the pages for my books. Right now it’s the DMDU world & including this bulleted list (below) at the bottom of each page so that people new to the books will know there is a ton in that world if interested! Home page got a redesign as well. and the all books page too. Making a page and series trailer for each of the series too. Only have the Dark Illusions series up so far. Lots done so far. So again I say, hence the silence on my end.

P.S. Double Oh! lol If you’re interested, as I mentioned before, I made a new YouTube channel so I could finally merge all my videos and delete the other ones. I’ve been posting one or two videos from the old stuff on my channel daily if you’d like to subscribe and check them out. Gonna take me a while to get all uploaded. I have 90 on the old channel alone. Short little clips of old home video things so keep that in mind if you expect some “professional” level stuff. Nah, just home vids. (case sensitive)

Dark Moon Dynasty Universe (DMDU)

  1. Dark Illusions Series (Vampire – Kat & Julian)
  2. Enchanting the Moon Series (Enchantress – Mila & Stefan)
  3. Dynasty of Moirae series (Lycaen – Kylarra & Verrick)
  4. Eternal Souls Universe series (all of the above, all characters, & more)

If this is email and the form is funky, you can go to to sign up.


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