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Socials are deactivated – not permanent

Just wanted to note here, in case new folks come to the site looking – for the immediate future (not sure how long) I’ve shut down my socials. So if you go to any of my links below, they are deactivated.

Instagram –
Facebook Profile –
Facebook Page –
Twitter –
YouTube is still up – but I am in the process of merging old with new and deleting all my old accounts so if you go here – – and SUBSCRIBE, I’d be so grateful! I’m still setting up the account so there is basically nothing there, lol. 🙂

Also note that I’m putting my full name on almost everything to go along with this site link – Kimberly Sue Iverson, but since I use Kim Iverson on the books, I’m keeping that for some of the display names like this site’s header since it matches the books. Inside my books I use my full name as the publisher, since ya know, it’s me who’s doing it, lol. But I figured it may help cut down on people thinking I’m the radio show host. Surprisingly I don’t get as many who think I’m the other writer, Kim Iverson Headleee, which is interesting.

Thought I’d add that too since you’ll be seeing both names all over my stuff.

And again a reminder to sign up for the news[letter] if you’re not on it. Should be coming back January 2020. Maybe the end of the month? You’re welcome to sign up using the form below if you’re on the website, but if you’re seeing this elsewhere and the form below looks odd as heck, you can go here –

If this is email and the form is funky, you can go to to sign up.


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3 responses to “Socials are deactivated – not permanent”

    • Mine were done abouuuuttt a week ago, but I’ll have to keep logging into Twitter every two weeks if I plan to stay off it longer. I guess there is no vacation time unless you want to completely lose the account. They delete everything after 30 days unlike Facebook and Instagram. It’s a nice little vacation from having to check everything. More so with everything we already have going on as is.


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