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Just sent off In The Library to editor

Sent off In The Library to my editor. Still gotta get the page up for it. Amuses me that I’ve written the entire book, edited it, and still haven’t even gotten the page up for it. Normally I would’ve. Too much I’m working on so I purposely deactivated all my socials. Just one less THING to deal with for now.

This is a novelette seeing that it is clocking in just over 10K words.

I also wanted to let you know about a great class opening soon for anyone who is interested in writing a novel. I would never ever share something like this if I didn’t believe in the individual who was doing the class 100%. Yes, I’m that picky. 100%.

It doesn’t mean I use 100% of the intructions Holly discusses, but I have never once taken one of her classes or purchased one of her books that I haven’t gleaned information from. Or, that I haven’t used on and on after then. Even now, her and her daughter Rebecca’s podcast, Alone in a Room with Invisible People, (linked always at the bottom of my site :p) is a huge example of things I play around with. I’m constantly mentioning Holly Lisle and her little prompts or ideas on coming up with my own story ideas, and I get probably a little annoying with how much I do.

BUT, I do it because I truly find value in her instructions and how she explains things. This particular class I haven’t bought, but plan to as soon as possible (might be this time even if funds are available for it!) so I wanted to bring mention to it.

Full disclaimer: the image is an affiliate link. So if you click the image, I get a percentage. As in, a bonus. If you’d prefer not to use it, and give me a little something in return for the mention, then you can go to the link itself and no harm no foul. I’d still mention this class as is. 🙂

This is an affiliate link. If you click, I will receive a commission.

If you DO click through via the image THANK YOU so so much because a few clicks and buys through it and hey, I’d be able to afford the class meself! lol Or I’d have money in my pocket for dog food later on so win-win still.

If you go to the link, you can sign up for updates on when the class releases this round or later on. But she plans to open the class in her own words –

Starting on the morning of New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31, 2019) and running until 10 PM on January 31st, 2020.

Holly Lisle – How to Write a Novel Class Registration.

Make it all fancy-like to emphasize. :p This class won’t be available next until 2021 she says so if ya want to check it out, she DOES have payment options (I LOVE that option).

So go ahead and check it out. She has a wide variety of classes on revision, building characters, etc., if that is more of your style, including one I always have linked at the bottom of this site.

As a reminder, I should be starting up my newsletter come January 2020 so if you’re not on it, you can sign up below from my site, or this link if you’re seeing this in email – (if you get this in email, the sign up form below looks just plain ODD).

Also note that if you’re having trouble signing up for the newsletter, try again later, OR feel free to ask me to sign you up manually. No big deal. I noticed I had a couple emails in a warning area that were bounced because it stated, “this ___ email has been signing up for too many newsletters.” So apparently that is a thing. I only saw 2 so JUST in case you’re having issues, be aware that it’s a thing. If you sign up for too many newsletters in one day with an email, you may be marked as spam and rejected. Not me doing it, it’s the newsletter system.

Makes me think of liking too many pages on Facebook at once. They will temporarily ban you. Or responding to comments too fast. Darn you AI. lol

If this is email and the form is funky, you can go to to sign up.


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