Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Newsletter quick note

If you’re subscribed, or want to be read this. Coming January 2020 I may most likely be starting up my newsletter again. It’ll be mostly a digest of what you may have missed in the past month. Once a month at most I predict. I still promise not to fill your inbox with noise. Blog posts still linked at the bottom too. That way it’s not as much work for me, but you get a notice of all the book information you may have missed throughout the past month prior.

Please note that if you are signed up, add to your address book so that the messages aren’t sent to your Spam folder.

Occasionally it’s important to check through the spam folder too so you can mark that the newsletters aren’t spam. I have noticed a ton of messages from people I am subscribed to, or get emails from in general, that end up there lately. Even Amazon receipts. And this isn’t just for anyone who uses a MailChimp newsletter as I do. This is for MOST newsletters and email providers in general. Not specific to those who use paid email, free, or otherwise. As I do have one myself –, I just prefer outlook, lol. MSN has always been amazing to me and I just wanted to keep up with them. Even if I sent from that address (you can add and use that one too if you like, no big to me as they both come to the same place), the messages would end up in Spam.

So if you are subscribed to the list PLEASE make sure to check Spam folders occasionally, and/or add that email to your address book. You can specifically set a filter to tell your email provider that it is safe when you see the newsletter come in too. If you need help, let me know, I’ll link you to a place for your specific provider. It’s not a difficult practice. Most providers actually allow it to be done from the message. Clicking “add filter,” then send to inbox. It’s fairly simple.

That was the main reason I got worn down from sending them. VERY little reads and zero participation. Which might be because they were ending up in the spam folder. That and lets face it – many subscribe to more than they can read. Even I’m guilty of that. 2020 is about cutting back on those bad habits for me. I’m unfollowing TONS of folks on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, and not letting all that “noise,” continue to fester (not an insult to anyone, but too much noise drowns out our own minds), which is partly why I’m not doing too many frequent things. Not even sure if I’ll be as active on socials as I’ve been. I try to be here on this site, but I find in general, the urge isn’t there right now. So who knows? My books, sanity, and home life comes first. 🙂

If you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter and you’d like to be, feel free to do that here.

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