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Where is your focus?

Reposting from my Instagram post.

We live in a universe which rewards our primary focus. Wherever 51% of our daily focus lay is what the world reflects, the people around us, the situations we encounter, what we experience.

If we are focused more on “I must get them before they get me!” “How dare they! They want to violate me, I’ll get them!” If our thoughts primarily focus on attacking, people coming for us, the world around us will reflect that.

If we’re focused on, “I’m violated, they always hurt me, they’re out to cause me pain, why? Why is this stuff happening?” If our thoughts primarily focus on being attacked, being a victim, the world around us will reflect it. We’ll get more reasons to be woe is me and stay there if that’s what we want and focus on.

If our primary focus is,” everything works out for me, I’m blessed, I’m grateful, I’m lucky!” Then the world around us will reflect that. People will wonder why is that person always so lucky!

These are just a sample. So today let’s ask, where does our focus sit? Try to improve, try to adjust. Notice the difference. We’re choosing the world that surrounds us. Make it worth your time! Let’s it something that makes US happy. Choose to be happy, choose to wallow, choose to war. It’s all a choice, and ours alone. Often we don’t even know we can change it, we don’t even know there is different. But there is.

The world is your mirror. Where is your focus? (Image via @pixabay where you can find plenty of free images for various needs.)
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