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Next book and schedule – community subscriptions!

Few things to cover. My new schedule for how I’ll be posting, where to find me active, and that sort of thing. The new book I’m working on is linked at the bottom.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on where my energy is placed.

When I last sent out my newsletter, I asked for help from my readers. I had zero responses. Zero. Not one individual responded. So that told me straight out that me spending many hours a month there composing them, getting them ready, including all the information I do? It’s being wasted. We only have so much energy to hand out per day. Where we spend that energy needs to be balanced with a return in some way. I don’t have that energy to give to it at this stage.

In a year’s time, I have only had one reader who responds to it and she talks to me daily so she already has the majority of this information I discuss anyway – she’s my editor. Let’s face it. These days so many people have newsletters and send them out all the time that the majority in the inbox are ignored, thrown into spam (by the email providers), or people take them for granted and forget to read them. Or just delete them. Again, been there.

So at this point forward, I will be retiring my newsletter.

I don’t plan to delete it. Maybe one day I will pick it up, I’m not sure. But for the foreseeable future, if you want to get the news on my work, or follow me for that you have a few other options.

One – this website. There is a subscribe option over there in sidebar (or down there if you’re on mobile) where you can subscribe to the blog. I only have to write a blog post and you will receive it. Same thing as a newsletter. A lot less stress on my mind reminding me – you gotta send the newsletter! Subscribing to this website helps us both and cuts down on things to do. I’ll send the same updates I used to, but through here.

Two – my socials listed below. They won’t get the majority of updates about my books. That will be kept to my website and the community below.

I would suggest if you DO follow me on Facebook, do both on my page and the profile. Facebook constantly makes changes and there are times I go back and forth on where I post (page versus profile). You can also sign up for notifications for when I post on those sites, I don’t post THAT often that I’m gonna annoy you so no worries on that. My page is basically a backup to my profile.

Three – you can sign up to be a page of the community. It is difficult for me to ask for things in return, but I set up a Patreon page so that I could help boost my income out of necessity and if you feel guided, or can spare a dollar here and there to support what I do, I’d be ever so grateful. There are a few different rewards if you feel guided to check it out –


Today’s numbers for Scorched Silence.

Started with – 0 words

End with – 421 words

Total words written today – 421


Sign up to become a part of the community! For as lil as $1 a month, get behind the scenes snippets as I edit, first look at covers before the public, story notes, character bios, occasional draft chapters from current writing projects. We’ll have open discussions about the stories and where we think things will head, and as long as you’re a monthly member, you’ll get free copies of the work I publish. Check it out –

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