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Uber behind with blogging

Just haven’t had the energy to keep up with the blogging. I have a whole list of things I want to cover, but meh. For now, too tired.

Got Witness to the Moon up on all platforms, I have the paperback published through Amazon. Amazon should have sent it to the other retailers by now. And I think I will try to do a 6×9 through the Draft2Digital beta Print that I was invited to. The book itself is ready to order a proof, but I didn’t have the funds, and right now I have the Lulu copy, which is a 6×9. I enjoy the size of it. So I’m back and forth on that one. Just letting it sit for now since my brain hasn’t been good with too many decision making processes, lol.

I am beyond my 80K word mark with Savage Lands, and the story is still going. I don’t know where I’m going to be ending it. We may be nearing the end now. Just not sure. I still have a bit more story in my head to write.

In editing, I am around page 116 with inputting the changes from my physical manuscript to digital. That is for Claiming the Enchantress.

Also with editing, I decided that instead of doing Savage Lands next, I will be editing and finishing The Alchemist Series, and the 2nd book in it, which is Mitosis. Cessation is the first in the series. I planned to do Savage Lands next to give me and my editor a brain break, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was still so similar to the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world that it wouldn’t give me and Jeanie that much of a brain break. Not like it would if I did Mitosis. Mitosis would’ve been next in line to edit after the DMDU world anyway so I’m just bumping it up the list. That’s usually how I work. When I’m done writing a book, it goes in the list after the last I wrote. And they get edited in order of finishing. It’s rare that I write a book then edit it soon after. So Savage Lands will go into the lineup in the normal order for now.

And finally, I have been playing around with images and prompts on my social sites so if you want to see those on the rare occasion that I post them, feel free to follow any/all my social sites.

I mostly do it when I feel like it, or it crosses my mind. Almost like mini stories, almost like story starts, or middles, or tidbits, or whatevs. I don’t really try to make them be anything. It’s just for playing around with my creative brain and practicing randomly when it comes to mind. There’s no rhyme or reason for it. I’ll post one below. I’ll try to post them here too, but that requires my brain to say Kim! Your website! lol

[. . . ]

The others disappeared off the building, knowing their part. She watched them go, took in the city around her, her heart skipping a beat. Then she turned and stepped off the ledge, dropping into the abyss.

She fell toward the street, a brief flash through her mind at the last minute of, “what if they don’t? What if I can’t do it?” fearing that her wings would fail her.

The cold wind blasted past her ears, tugging back her long locks, pressing against her flesh. All sound drowned beneath the roaring of the wind.

With a slight tug of her back muscles, her massive white wings burst free. They caught the current, sweeping up and down in long strokes. Smoothly sailing above the city streets, out and around the buildings with ease, she flew the path, doing her part to save the ones who knew nothing of those protecting their lives, changing their world, existing where the humans believed none did.

[. . . ]


Today’s numbers for Savage Lands.

Started whenever with – 0 words

End today with – 81,722 words

Total words written today – ?


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