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Final stages of Witness before publication

Super behind on the blogging, I know. Been putting it off since I haven’t really wanted to discuss the book I’m writing, and haven’t had free time outside of editing.

The below count will be from starting and ending today, with a gap between what I did last week. I’m already around 59 K words. So this book will obviously be going much longer before I even hit the editing stage.

As for the Mr. Finkle’s Grave Error paperback that I wanted to do. That will not be done through a Print on Demand service. None of them allow me to upload a file that is less than a certain amount of pages. And that small short isn’t many pages. I swear CreateSpace didn’t have that. Still a little bummed about it being gone. I did get approved for the paperback beta program from Draft2Digital so I will be seeing what it is like. Since my books are already in print, I’m in no hurry with that, but I like the interface. And if it allows me to upload books faster than Amazon, it’s a win. It takes HOURS for me to upload and convert a manuscript on Amazon’s site [for the paperback].

And I’m not being sarcastic. 2-3 hrs, depending on how our internet is working that day.

Also, someone inspired me to refocus on my ko-fi page so that if you want to support my work, but not have to purchase a book. Or something I offer hear helps, but I’m giving it away for free. I set up a page through to allow for donations. You can do a completely anonymous donation without even logging in. Minimum is only $3. And you go through Paypal so you know it’s secure. From now on, I’ll include the link below.


Today’s numbers for Savage Lands.

Started today with – 57,301 words

End today with – 59,307 words

Total words written today – 2,006


If you would like to support what I do in another way than purchasing a book, or if something I’ve said has helped you in any way, consider a donation
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I’m eternally and immensely grateful to those of you who’ve donated. ❤ ❤ ❤

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