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Working on Mr. Finkle’s Grave Error

Today I’ll be getting to Mr. Finkle’s Grave Error. Ran out of time to work yesterday. Had to give one of the dogs a haircut so I knew I had to get to that and couldn’t work late. Hoping tomorrow or Wednesday to finally start inputting changes into Claiming the Enchantress.

Today, we finally got to see Kenley step up. And who knew the trigger in the end, would be a little human boy? It was. She went head to head with The Alpha because she knew if she didn’t, he would kill the child, the child’s father. Everyone in the warehouse that wasn’t among his pack. Currently he’s proving that wasn’t gonna be as simple as her just telling him not to. Where it goes from here?

I think she’s going to have to do far more. Nobody is out of the woods yet.


Today’s numbers for Savage Lands.

Started today with – 42,699 words

End today with – 44,621 words

Total words written today – 1,922


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